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Grand Idea FoL - Ashe's Version



Everyday an announcement will be made saying: Someone’s class has been re-rolled, but secretly everyone’s class got re-rolled (Scum Teams will still be apart of the same faction, no one can be added to this)



Everyday an announcement will be made saying: Someone’s class has been re-rolled, but secretely, no ones class got re-rolled



The delusional.

The host will randomly pick a playername that is not in the game. It is your objective to successfully get this fictitious player lynched. Upon successful execution, give a custom made bonus that the host will balance accordingly to a player of your choice. It is your mission to ensure that that player fulfills their win condition.



Everyday an announcement will be made saying: Someone’s class has been re-rolled, but not secretly someones class really did get re-rolled.




Neutral Special
During the pregame, you must select a player. You will receive that player’s class card, regardless of whether or not it is unique, and must win as that class. Should you receive a scumteam card, you will not join their scum chat.


what have you bullies done to my poor innocent thread
named deathproof survivor



The Fire Nation Attacked

named Demon



Wait shit what the actual fuck
Named Possessor that flips as a random BD class upon execution



ban marl for mod abuse :frowning:
Named Vanilla Town


marl has trounced me :^)




[Any] Social

Has 2 votes, each worth 0.5 of normal vote.



[Any] Social

Has 4 votes, each worth 0.25 of normal vote.



[Any] Social

Has 8 votes, each worth 0.125 of normal vote.


Normal voter

[Any] Social

As long as you are alive, each vote is worth 1 vote.
Does not change the number of votes each person has.
(So octavoter has 8 votes worth 1 each)



Technicly normal voter

[Any] Social

Your vote is worth -1 (minus one) of normal vote.
You are passively voting everyone.
As long as you are alive every player takes one less vote to lynch.

You can chose to unvote a player to remove your -1 vote from them.
You can only unvote one person at a time.



Even Half doublevoter

[Any] Social

Every even day your vote will count for 2.
Every odd day you cannot vote.


Odd Half doublevoter

[Any] Social

Every odd day your vote will count for 2.
Every even day you cannot vote.



Nightvoter who is basicly a public vigilante

[Any] Social

You can talk at thread at night.
You can vote only towards a night lynch.

Person who has most votes at the end of the night will be lynched (this is seperate from a day lynch).




[Any] Social

If a person you voted was not lynched, your vote will stay on them till they die.
You can still vote another person during each day, even if you have 1 or more votes remaining on someone from previous days.




[Any] Social

Has 5 votes, each worth 0.2 of normal vote.



Voter in training

[Any] Social

Each time you finish day voting a person who was lynched, your vote weight will increase by 1.



MMD - Sans Undertale x Nagito Komaeda (fingers in his ass)

named vanilla townie that commits suicide day 1 if they want to




Named Prince that can only execute females (classes or if no gender specified. use rl gender)
(any executions which dont fit here fail)




> Neutral Special
Hope? (Passive) - Everyone you visit or are visited by will be granted one hope fragment while you live, making them immune to the first negative ability that targets them and the first death they would suffer.
"I cannot imagine why anyone would risk their life to lie on another’s behalf." (Day) - Every day you may pick 3 statements made by players (HOPE, NEITHER, DESPAIR) based on whether they told the full truth, part truth or full lies, if you get at least 2 right, you can check if a person is The Ultimate Despair or The Ultimate Danganronpa Roleplayer - Infinite uses
"That’s robophobic!" (Night) - Kill any player that said a robophobic remark in any way (Must quote the post to show to the host - Infinite uses *Ensure every player has a hope fragment and that both the Ultimate Despair and Ultimate Danganronpa Player are defeated before you die

If they both die before you have spread hope to all players you will turn into K1-B0, THE ULTIMATE DESPAIR ROBOT

(Must roll with The Ultimate Despair and The Ultimate Danganronpa Roleplayer. Will create those later)