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Grand Idea FoL - Ashe's Version



Last Hope

You permanently gain the abilities of Town members that die.
You can only use up to three abilities per phase.

Town wincon.



Moral SK

Will be able to kill any non townies but all townies will appear to be immune (given normal sk rc)



“Bounties for days”

If a good faction-aligned member gets lynched, the day will continue, but the flip will be cleaned. Reroll this slot.



ToS Pirate



“Double the Fun”

Whenever a lynch is accomplished. The one with highest AND second highest votes will be lynched. This effect lasts until 5 players remain. Reroll this slot.



College Student


Study- 3 times per game you may study another player. You will learn from them and learn to integrate part of them into future career. You may do this once each phase.
Your action fails if you attempt to study a player you have already studied. You only lose charges by successfully studying a player.

Profession- After you have studied 3 different players, you will be given your new rolecard, you will take a RNGed ability/passive from each of the players you studied.
Your alignment/wincon will also be determined by who you studied under. Factional passive/abilities are not received by the RNGed gains, instead by your alignment changing.
Determining Alignment/wincon:

Spoiler: If 2/3 of the players you studied have the same primary alignment, that will be your new alignment.
If 2/3 of the players you studied have the same subalignment, that will be your subalignment.

If 2/3 or 3/3 of the players you study belong to mafia factions, but all different factions, you will randomly be assigned one of the factions.

If you study under a neutral killing/s, and you become a neutral killing, you will be able to win with that neutral killing and any other roles that win with that nk.
If you become an nk, you will have a reliable killing ability(not limited in #of uses)

If the players you study under all have different main alignments and differing wincons, you will become a neutral with a survivor wincon.

If you studied under a player who belongs to a conversion faction, your alignment will be part of that faction, regardless of the other 2 players you studied under. If more than 1 of the players you studied belong to different conversion factions, it will be RNGed which you join.



Dual Mafia
If this rolls you must roll 4 other mafia roles as part of this Faction
Acts as Godfather.

Mafia must kill second mafia and vice-versa




Jester but when lynched the next day is “skipped” and all roles with night actions are allowed to perform their actions twice in the same night, this includes factional kills. Roles with charges will use 2 charges if they use both actions.



All vanilla town become mafia.



Marlvith the Magnificient

Town-aligned King with GK abilities.


Town Oracle

Town Role Oracle

Town Ultimate Oracle
Target two people. If you die their role and alignments shall be revealed



Hannah, the Palindromic Scorned

Named Scorned whose targets contain a palindrome in either their class name or slot number.



Scorned but she does not want anyone lynched and can prevent trials instead of trollbox. 3 uses.



Alchemist but actually not alchemist - 2 uses



It is mastermind but BD




Town Social
During the pregame, you must swap the class cards of two players. The cards will not be revealed to you, and the players whose cards you swapped will not be notified.
You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.



Town Social
During the pregame, you must exchange this class card with the card of someone else. You will know which class card you received, but the player you chose to swap with will not be notified.
You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.

(Note: If anyone would join or leave a scum team due to these interactions, do not add them to or remove them from the scum chat.)

[Turbo] Blue's Damn GI Turbo D5 (The Mastermeme, The Robber, and Meathead win)


“Dice of Chaos”

Roll a dice. Randomly and secretly swap, the amount the dice rolls, the classcards of players. Any action they wish to select that is invalid will simply not occur. Possible modkills due to the hidden classcard mechanics do not trigger.



“Look in the Mirror”

For the first 3 days, the hammerer of a lynch will gain the classcard of the person that is lynched and lose its old card. The old card will flip. You will keep your old win condition in the event that you are group scum.



What the fuck Merc

Neutral Special
What in the fuckity fuck fuck is Merc doing (Day) - Reroll this class as a class made by Mercenary, can be used D1. - 1 Use
What in the fuckity fuck fuck is Merc doing (Night) - Reroll this class as a class made by Mercenary. - 1 Use.



The D4

Roll a D4, this slot will have one added affect to them depending on the dice roll:

  1. The player gains death immunity at night (or loses it if they would have it)
  2. The player gains occupation and redirection immunity (or loses it if they would have it)
  3. The player’s vote power increases by one (or decreases by 1.5 if they would already have bonuses to their voting power)
  4. The player loses a post restriction (or gains a random one if they do not have one)

Reroll this slot.