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Grand Idea FoL - Ashe's Version


vanilla town


Vanilla Town
Named Mafia Goon


only one per post laddy
Vigilante that can only shoot Vanilla Town


Anti-Fun Gang
Named Vanilla Town


Vanilla village




Cry every night, making anyone who visits you visit someone else that you select during the night.



Deathtunnel Incarnate.

Deathtunnel Incarnate selects 1 player to deathtunnel pre-game. Deathtunnel Incarnate wins if they live when their target is lynched. If their target dies from any other means, they can resurrect their target at night an infinite amount of times.



RainBow Sherbet

Every night, you may change the color of the flip. Wincon randomized between town/mafia.



town 1-shot gladiator




Every phase, you may corrupt someone. This will convert them into the following role, retaining their original win conditions.
This will remove all of their abilities and modifiers.
Anyone who visits you will also be corrupted, suffering the same fate as above.



You have no abilities.
You cannot gain abilities or modifiers while in this state.
You cannot be converted into a different role while in this state.

Your win conditions are retained, even if your victory is dependent on your original role mechanics.

Once you have corrupted at least half of the living players, you may either choose to restore or to eradicate.
Choosing restore gives everyone back their old abilities, but will grant them modifiers of your own choice. The modifiers you may inflict are dependent on the host’s decision.
Choosing eradicate will kill everyone corrupted.
You may alternatively choose to do nothing.

You win once you have corrupted at least half of the living players.



Vengeful Admirer

Receives a standard vigilante role card. However, every shot will be unsuccessful until a [random townie] dies, and the Vengeful Admirer will receive their true role card (plus abilities) at the end of the phase of the [random townie’s] death.

If [random townie] dies in a phase, you gain one vigilante shot.

Shooting a non-townie causes you to inherit [random townie’s] role. If [random townie] is a unique role, you become a vanillla citizen.

Shooting a townie causes you to kill yourself out of shame.



Not a Janitor
When you clean a target, the killer and you are outed via a message in a thread.
Mafia Win Con
Given a Janitor rolecard.



Weird Hair Guy

At gamestart, you are publicly mod confirmed as the Weird Hair Guy. Nobody likes your hair.

There is a 1/30 chance you are Town, otherwise you are Mafia.



Suvivor-hardcore mode.

Each day you must gladiate another player or you will replace the lynch. Each night you must force another player to target you or you will die. You cannot be protected from attacks. Conversion on you will yield in your death.





Literally just a slice of cheese

Goes rotten after 4 days of being alive, creating a 50% chance that any player in the game will die from the smell with each day.



ITA Enabler

Once per game during the day, you may activate ITAs for the day. Everyone gets 1 15% shot and 1 player of your choice gets 2 20% shots.



Citizen killer

choose someone each night. If they’re a citizen, they die.
you win when no more citizens are alive



Tos Psychic




Day 1, it will be announced a Pariah is in the game. If the Pariah gets lynched day 1, every other player will win, but the Pariah.





Normal Citizen, but on death shows up as a random Role from GIM (Not Citizen)

Gets generic Citizen rolecard