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Grand Idea FoL - Ashe's Version



No u
Named vanilla town :wink:



No u twice
Named vanilla town


But you can’t place the same class twice in a row or make classes rerolled
Named mafia goon


I am the law
Named Vanilla Town



Look at who I’ve found when I was stealing class ideas.

Chicken Feed.
-During the night you may leave chicken feed outside someones house.
-Chicken feed will lure people to visit you instead when outsided someones house.

Goal: Lure one person to kill you.


You would if you hosted the thread. Modship doesn’t apply here
Named Butler



When you can edit posts, you make the rules




-Everyday you have to post each 12 hours or you’re too slow and you auto die.

Goal: Survive.


@ashe help us
Named Mastermind



Neutral Social
Lame Idea (Passive) Anyone town who tries to act at night will be occupied, bypassing occupy immunity.
See all Vanilla Town Lose


Chocolate Town
Named and Racially Inclusive Vanilla Town




Named scorned that has targets:

Any player that has voted with Marluxion at EoD.

If no such player exists while the Scorned died or the game ends, the Scorned wins by default.

Reroll this slot if Marluxion is not in the game (or interchange the playername Marluxion with another)


Solic you missed the end of that quote
Named Vanilla Town




You may not speak in thread and can only speak via whispers.
You have a limit of 60 300-word limit whispers per day
Whispering will be shown in thread

Votes are to be sent via pm to a mod and do not count towards your whisper limit

Each night you may sacrifice a set amount of whispers permanently to do one of the following actions
5 whispers - roleblock a player
10 whispers - heal a player (can self heal)
15 whispers - protect a player and kill their attacker at the cost of your life (cannot protect yourself)
20 whispers - alignment check
25 whispers - modpeek
30 whispers - kill a player
35 whispers - strongman kill a player

At any point during the game you may turn yourself into a treestump

Town wincon



Down with modabuse.

Named Scorned with target Marluxion. Reroll this slot if Marluxion is not in the game.




You are a person who has previously worked for the mafia but had decided to seek change and revenge. You were forced to work for the mafia because you had a shortage of money to help your family, but you were treated badly and abused. After a while, the mafia stopped paying you whatsoever, and made you do everything by blackmailing you. You have mustered up the courage to escape the clutches of the mafia, but you reveal your secrets now, you will for sure be seen as a liar to the general public. It looks like you will have to prove yourself to be trustworthy before you reveal the truth. Be aware though- the mafia are chasing you.

On the fourth day, all the members of the mafia will be revealed, excluding the godfather.
You are seen as a member of the mafia to the sheriff and as a framer to the investigator.
The mafia know who you are.

Reveal the secrets of the mafia.


Beautiful Duwang
A Vanilla Town that must speak exclusively in part 4 mistranslations or they will be modkilled.

Note; Mistranslations found here



1 shot town wish granter
Town win con



I make too many scorned classes,

named Meta-scorned (#805)



Neutral Killer leader

The neutral killers are all on a team with the wincon of one of the neutral killers winning and all of them will win, you are the leader all neutral killers will have a separate day and night chat, that they share with you and other neutral killers.
Only two neutral killers maximum may select a night action, none of the neutral killers will have night Immunity.
-You have night immunity.
-If all neutral killers die you’ll turn into a Serial Killer.
-If you die Neutral killers cannot talk during the day but will still meet up during the night.

Goal: Make sure one neutral killer wins, all neutral killers will win if one wins.

(NOTE: if no neutral killers you’ll be a normal Serial Killer)