Grand Idea FoL - Ashe's Version

Change yer numbers, 1222 already exists
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Pitied’s effects apply to being killed by any NK or scum faction. In the case of multiple NKs or scum factions killing the Stooge in the same night, the faction they join will be chosen by RNG.
Direct attacks are specifically attacks that count as visiting.
Cater will remove effects such as bleeding, poisoned, and similar.
Wincon changed to: Defeat the scum factions, and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Assist applies to any non-killing-type scum faction member, and in the case of a scum faction with a factional kill, will not work on the person performing the factional kill.
Direct attacks are specifically attacks that count as visiting.
Wincon changed to: Defeat the good faction(s), and any neutrals that stand in your way.

Meat Shield applies to the Neutral Killing you are aligned with.
Wincon changed to: Ensure the Neutral Killing you are aligned with wins the game.



Smash Killer
Ice Climber (Passive) - If Nana is still alive, your attacks will bypass death immunity. If you die before Nana, Nana becomes this class.
Freeze (Day) - Prevent a player from using their day and night abilities for this cycle. - 3 uses
Hammer Slam (Night) - Attack a player. - Infinite uses
Defeat the good faction and all neutrals that stand in your way.



Smash Support
Ice Climber (Passive) - If you are still alive, Popo’s attacks will bypass death immunity. If Popo dies before you, you become Popo.
Ice Shield (Day) - Protect a player from day and night attacks for this cycle (This does not include lynching). - 3 uses
Motivation (Night) - Guarantee that a selected Smash player’s action succeeds tonight. - Infinite uses
Defeat the good faction and all neutrals that stand in your way.

(If either Nana or Popo get rolled, the other Ice Climber has to spawn)
(Also, Blue’s giving me flashbacks back when I was the Stooge ;-; )

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Unknown Special

No breaking character! (Passive) - You must send a character sheet in your class card by the end of the first cycle. It must detail your personality, name, and your backstory. Your alignment is decided by the backstory that you have sent, and your abilities are decided by the host who reads it.

Your wincon is determined by your backstory.


Smash Support

Dance (Passive) - At any time you may remove the effects of ‘Copy Ability.’

Inhale (Day) - Swallow a player whole, rendering them unable to be targeted by abilities or target other players with abilities. They will not be notified unless they are a member of the Smash Faction. Using this will enable the usage of ‘Copy Ability’ on the player you targeted. (3 Uses)

Copy Ability (Night) - Learn all abilities of the player you targeted with Inhale, removing the ability to use Inhale, or any other abilities gained from this ability until they have been removed by Expel. (Infinite Uses)

You win when the good faction and any players that would stand in your way of domination have been defeated.


Mr. Sandman

Neutral Special

The Champion (Passive) - You are announced as King at the start of the game. This also gives you immunity to occupation and redirection, and your vote to put people on trial counts as two.
Pass The Torch (Passive) - If you die, there will be a vote held to crown the next King.
Champion’s Choice (Day) - Make a player unable to be voted today. [2 Uses]
Knockout! (Day) - Execute the player on trial. [2 Uses]
Guard! (Night) - Choose a player, they will be immune to death tonight. [3 Uses]
Dreamland Express (Night) - Choose a target to kill, bypassing death immunity. [Infinite Uses]
Defeat everyone that stands in your way.

More Punch Out!! members coming at some point, and they will actually be a proper faction, not like Mr. Sandman who’s a standalone dude with his own agenda.


Efina - Spawns with Theobald (1236)

Blue Dragon Investigative
Draconic Wish (Passive) - You know who Theobald Leonhearts is, and you share a chat with them. If Theobald Leonhearts dies, you will be converted to the wincon of their killer. If Theobald Leonhearts is lynched, you will die the following night.
Detect Lies (Night) - Each Night the Lie Detector sends a post or statement made by another player, and the Moderator tells the Lie Detector whether that other player was telling the truth when they made that post. Trying to use this ability on something that cannot be verified objectively (i.e. whether someone was telling the truth when they said that a wall of text was a waste of time) the moderator will likely just say “I don’t know”.


Theobald Leonhearts - Spawns with Efina (1235)

Neutral Special
Draconic Wish (Passive) - You know who Efina is, and you share a chat with them. If Efina dies, you will be converted to the Blue Dragon.
Redemption and Run (Passive) - If you lie while Efina is still alive, you will gain the Corrupted status. If this status is not healed in three nights, you will become Leo, Hal, Sid and Al. Efina can remove this status from you if they find all your lies with their Detect Lies night ability.
Brother’s Will (Night) - Eliminate a player if Efina had found they have lied. - Infinite Uses.
End the game without undetected lies and guarantee that Efina survives. If you are converted by any means that are not your Corrupted status, you will remain with the “End the game without undetected lies” part.


Leo, Hal, Sid and Al

Neutral Killer
Can’t Touch This (Passive) - Immune to death at night, occupation and target changing. You will know if someone tries to occupy you or change your target.
Mask of Many Faces (Day) - If you are executed by the court, you may appear as a class of your choice. You must submit this class to the host before you are executed. - 4 uses.
Disguise (Day) - Select up to four players. If they die tonight or are lynched today, they will appear as a class of your choice. - 4 uses
Assassinate (Night) - Kill a player. - Infinite uses


Hunter but retribution kills everyone that voted to execute them



King with unlimited uses of decide fate


orangeandblack special

<3 (Passive) - You will always know who is infected. You are immune to death once are immune to all forms of delayed death. If a player likes more than 6 of your posts in a day, then they will automatically become infected. If you are jailed, you will automatically infect the jailor, and the jailor will infect everyone they jail.
Made in Abyss (Passive) - When everyone alive is infected, you will turn into the King of Hearts and an announcement will be made that “The King of Hearts has risen from the Abyss to deliver cat girls and justice!” the day after everyone is infected
Keen Eye (Day) - Learn if your target can visit. If they can’t, then they will automatically receive the infected status at the end of tonight. [Infinite, 1 day cooldown]
Like Post (Night) - Like a player’s post, infecting them and all their visitors. Infected people will spread the infection to all visits and visitors as well. [Infinite]
Your goal is to win as the King of Hearts.

King of Hearts
orangeandblack special

</3 (Passive) - You are immune to all forms of death, occupation, and redirection. If you are jailed, you will still be able to use your action and cannot die to the prince’s execution, attacking him at the end of the night. Additionally, you secretly have 2 votes.
Secretly A Weeb (Passive) - You will always be investigated as a BD class of your choice unless they have an anime class, in which case they will be occupied.
Burning Bridges and Logbooks (Day) - Target 2 people. If they die tonight, you may choose what they flip as and what their logbook says. [2 Uses, 1 day cooldown]
Like Post (Night) - Kill a player and their visitors, bypassing everything. [Infinite]
Your goal is to defeat the main factions and any neutrals that stand in your way.



Max wtf

That coloring is literally unreadable

And the role is even worse



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Dark Theme Best Theme
Named image (1240)

my shitposts are god tier


Unwanted Guest

I wanna play too but you closed the sign ups REEEEEEEEEEEE
You don’t have any abilities, but you’re pissed as fuck that you were eating spaghetti while sign-ups were open. Convince people that you’re in the game and you win, gg

(Salt is strong, oh btw, you might be able to roll this class as a latecomer to a turbo, who knows?)

getting some mafiascum ones:


You are Wisdom of the One.
During the day, target a player.
Target player will be force replaced.


Each night, target a player. You will begin a stampede in that player’s direction. In the game thread it will be notified in the night “a stampede has begun charging toward _______, would you like to join?” If three or more players agree to join your stampede before the end of the night phase deadline, you kill that player. Otherwise, you visit that player with no effect.


Necromancer (Ghost Faction)
Passive -

  1. Ghost || Speak to the Ghosts at night.
    Day -
  2. Dead Or Alive || Speak to the dead tonight. You will not attend the Ghosts meeting. (oo)
  3. No Mithr || Summon the Acolytes into the court. (1 use)
    Night -
  4. Curse || Bring a dead member back into the Ghosts. They will become an acolyte. (1 use)
  5. Rest || Regain another use of Curse (oo)
  6. Coming Back || All Ghosts gain death immunity for that night (0 uses)


Seer (Ghost Faction)
Passive -

  1. Ghost || Speak to the Ghosts at night.
  2. Minds Eye || See all content of whispers to and from the Ghosts. Excludes Ghost Leader and Ghost King.
    Day -
  3. Dream || Determine a players classtype (3 uses)
  4. Hope || See all content of whispers to and from that player. Can not be used on a Ghost.
  5. isolation || Don’t speak to the Ghosts tonight. You will gain a use of Adrenaline.
    Night -
  6. Desperation || Redirect all visitors onto themselves (1 use)
  7. Adrenaline || Empower all Ghosts for tonight (0 uses)


Town 8-Ball
As long as you are alive, the game is nightless


Town 8-ball (less broken)
Reroll until you get another town role. This player is that role and receives that role PM, but secretly is an 8-ball in addition to that. It’s publicly revealed that there’s an 8-ball, and all anti-town players know who it is. The game is nightless while the 8-ball is alive.


Town 8-Ball (broken to pieces)
During the first twilight phase, choose two players. You and any of the players you’ve chosen who are town become pieces of the 8-ball (you are not told how many of the players you’ve chosen are town, but anyone who becomes a “piece” is notified and linked to this post). As long as any of you are alive, the game remains nightless.


You are the Bad at Mafia Ruleset.
During the day, target a player.
If that player is due for replacement due to inactivity, or the slot has ever been replaced for flaking, you will kill them.

However, if you ever require replacement for ANY reason (including non-activity-based reasons), you will instead be modkilled.


Kidnapper (Ghost)
Passive -

  1. Ghost || Talk to the Ghosts at night.
    Day -
  2. Kidnap || Take a player with you tonight. They will be occupied. You will not meet with the Ghosts tonight (2 uses)
  3. Example || Send a message to the court. They will not know who sent it (oo)
    Night -
  4. Mercy || Spare the player you kidnapped. You will gain a use of Kidnap (oo)
  5. Execute || kill the player you kidnapped (2 uses)
    note: the kidnappers night abilities can only be used if a player has been kidnapped


Real Time Serial Killer

You perform one kill every 7 days in realtime, regardless of whether the game is in a day phase or night phase (or even twilight). You don’t have a regular nightkill.
You need to inform the moderator of your kill target prior to the time at which the kill will be performed, or you may end up missing it.


Passive -

  1. Ghost || Speak to the Ghosts at night.
  2. Keeper || Occupy and Redirect immune.
    Day -
  3. Outlast || Votes cast on you will be cast on another player. (2 uses)
  4. Promotion || elect a new Ghost Leader. The previous Leader will become the successors old role (1 use) note: the new Ghost Leader will start with 0 uses of Gaze
    Night -
  5. Keep || Occupy a player tonight (oo)
  6. Behind Locked Doors || Occupy Every player who visits a Ghost tonight (3 uses)


Town Scatterbrained Professor

As long as this role is alive, every living player’s role (including alignment) is shuffled before each night phase. Players are notified of this before any night actions are submitted


Warden (Ghost)
Passive -

  1. Ghost || Speak to the Ghosts tonight.
    Day -
  2. Warn || The last action that happened to a player will be shown to you. Excludes the kings visits. (oo)
    Night -
  3. Spirit Awaken || Return a Dead Ghost to life. They will not join the courts during the day (1 use)
  4. Trapped || Redirect a player tonight (oo)


Reroll, alignments reversed


Ghost King (a king allied to the Ghosts faction)
Passive -

  1. Tenacity || Be able to speak during a trial (_not sure of everything tenacity does, sorry :smile:) _
    Day -
  2. Royal Finger || Cast double votes
  3. Decide Fate || Override all other votes
    Night -
  4. Allies || Determine a Players Faction (4 uses)
  5. Guards || Protect a player tonight (2 uses)
  6. Spy || See the content of all whispers tomorrow (1 use)


Acolyte (Ghost follower? )
Passive -

  1. Acolyte || See What the Ghosts say at night, but you cannot Speak to them.
    Day -
  2. Half full - || Cast half a vote. Can only be used once the Necromancer uses No Mithr. (1 use)
    Night -
  3. Pass || Your soul will flee from the tethered world. You will no longer be an Acolyte. The Necromancer will gain a use of Coming Back.


A random role posted by the same person as the previously rolled role


Town confused Tracker Watcher

Investigate a player each Night. You’ll be given a list of everyone who visited him or who they visited, but you won’t know which.


The Duelist

Unseen Killer

Duel (Night Ability) - Attack a player, but force them to attack you also unless they are occupied. This is in addition to their normal night ability, and they are not notified. (Infinite uses)

Rebound (Night Ability) - Attack a player who has helped vote an Unseen player up to the stand, but didn’t vote execute. (2 uses)


A duplicate of a random role existing elsewhere in the setup, but with alignment reversed



16 Year old

Day 1 you can’t Vote; You can drive a car though. Once during day 1 you can Drive away, and you won’t be an eligible lynch target for the remainder of the day. You won’t be able to post in thread though if you do this.
Night 1 you turn 17: You’re now the legal age of consent. You gain 1-shot propose, usuable anytime. You choose 1 person to propose to, and if they accept you learn everything about them (1 way confirmed alignment/neighborhood)
Day 2 – you turn 18 and can vote;
Night 2; You can join the military or go to College: If you join the military you become a vigilante; If you go to college,you gain college debt.
Day 3 – you are now 20;
Night 3 --You are now 21; If you went to college you gain a medical degree - in order to pay for college you had to borrow from a shady looking gentleman. You will protect a random mafia member from killing and investigation tonight. From now om during any night phase you can leave the military giving up your vigilante ability permanently to go to College.
Day 4 — From now on - if you’re attending college after leaving the military you may try to get a job as a police officer, by getting somebody in thread to say “You are hired” or “You’re hired”.
Night 4 — If you have a medical degree, you are now just a regular doctor- You may protect one person from 1 kill each night. If you got a job as a police officer you now have a criminal Justice degree and can investigate one person each night getting a result of ‘Guilty’ or ‘Not Guilty’

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Vanilla Werewolf, except…

Once you’ve finished generating the setup, shuffle all the alignments between all the players (i.e. breaking the link between role and alignment). This role ends up as a vanilla of whatever alignment got shuffled into it. The players aren’t told how their roles were generated (so this player will think they just rolled a vanilla role).


Poltergeist Shuffler
Alignment notes:
Only one role with Poltergeist in the name can exist in a game. If multiple are rolled, one is selected randomly to remain and all others become Vanilla Townies. If this is rolled, after the setup generates, this role may pick a number of players to add to their faction, with a maximum faction size of 20% of the playerlist, rounded down. Any players recruited get their alignment changed to Ghoul. If there are already Ghoul aligned roles, the amount of recruits available with be reduced by that number. Any extra Ghouls past the allowed number will become town versions of whatever they are (So a Ghoul Tracker would become a Town Tracker). This faction has no nightkill but has a one-shot ability to select any dead member of their faction to possess any living player. The living player now counts towards the Ghouls’ numbers and the dead Ghoul possessing the player has control over that player’s night actions. The possessed player may still post and vote as normal however.
The Ghoul faction wins when 50% of alive players are of the Ghoul faction.
Role notes:
Randomizes all roles of a certain type across their group (active night actions switch, night passives switch, votemodifiers switch, etc). Players receive their original role but have the functionality of their new role.


Town 1-Shot Abortionist

When a player is to be replaced in the game, the moderator will post in the game thread that the player is being replaced, and then will contact you privately via PM and give you the option to terminate the slot. If you choose to terminate, the mod will post in the game thread that a replacement player was aborted before entering the game. If you do not choose to terminate, the moderator will seek a replacement.

I misread “Town Aborist” on the last page and then I had to get this out of my head…
I guess this is what… A 1-shot replacement dayvig?


Enough with these fancy re-rolls already.

This is not a role. If this is rolled, do not execute any special effects from re-rolls from now on


You’re done
Stop rolling roles. You’re done. You don’t get to add any more roles to your game, even if there are slots without roles still. Figure it out.


Once during the game, you may neighborize a player. This action cannot be blocked or redirected by any means. The player you have neighborized is not informed of the nature of the neighborhood, but you win if this person loses. If it becomes impossible for them to win, you exit the game in a win. If you die before you can neighborize anyone, you exit the game in a loss.


Unconvertable Miller Almighty Survivor

This fella is down on their luck. They’re suspicious by nature, nobody wants them around on their team, and they got no protection from anyone. They only are looking out for themselves.

Wincon: survive until endgame. If this happens, nobody else wins, even if they preformed their wincon as well.


Miller: come up as the worst possible outcome to investigative roles, even to the Mafia/Werewolf/Cult. For example, a Mafia Rolecop would see them as a Serial Killer or a Macho Cop, depending on what the Mod sees as a horrible role to be seen as.

Unconvertable: their wincon and role cannot be changed by any means, but being neighborized is still an option as it is just an additional ability and not a true role change.

Almighty: your wincon takes priority over other wincons, meaning if you are successful, only you win. This even overrides a Jester or a Lyncher victory.


Mafia Traitor Backup Vigilante

The Mafia do not know you exist and you do not know who they are. If the Mafia is entirely wiped out, you inherit the factional nightkill.


Wild-Groupscum Conditional Flagbearer
You join any groupscum faction (mafia, werewolves, aliens, pirates, cult, etc.) that already has a member. if there are 3 or less living members of your faction and you are lynched, your faction automatically loses.


Town Neighbouriser, but…

If at any point your neighbourhood consists of all living players, you win. Alternatively, you also win if the town wins. Alignment investigations will see you as town, but investigations that specifically detect third parties will see you as third party.


Werewolf Traffic Analyst
A Traffic Analyst is a role that is capable of checking to see whether a player can privately communicate. As an informative role, its night choice is to choose a player, and the analyst will learn whether or not there are any players that that player can legally communicate with outside the game thread. (The identity of the people that the target can communicate with is not learned, nor is the content of the communications.)

Note that merely having access to a private topic is not necessarily enough to be able to communicate; there will have to be a second living player in the private topic in question to communicate with. In general, the role will give a “can communicate” result on a player who shares a private topic with another living player, and also on a Mailman; and a “cannot communicate” result on anyone else.


Town Ballot Analyzer
Can check the currently active wagons (this just requires one vote to be in a person) and determine how many are on scum.


Alien Surrealist
As long as this role is alive, all night action results are replaced with random animal names. Each night action result will consistently be one animal name each time that result occurs in game, so players may eventually figure out that, for example, “elephant” means “no result”.


Town super doctor
If this role exists at the start of the game, all other town roles become “town doctor”


Town Arborist

Each night, choose a player. If that player would die overnight, they become treestumped instead (i.e. they count as dead for almost all game purposes, but are allowed to post in the game thread).


Reroll, but change the alignment of the resulting roll to Werewolf


Town Janitor Vigilante

You’re a full Vigilante, but any time you kill someone, they won’t flip (i.e. their death will be no-reveal, and you won’t learn the alignment of the player you just killed).


Desperate Townie

You can win with the town. Additionally, if a member of the Mafia (specifically) is lynched on Day 3, you automatically win and leave the game, regardless of whether town ends up winning or not.


Mafia Orange Laser Goon

Kill flavour is “killed using an orange laser”. Otherwise identical to a regular Mafia Goon.


Town Scapegoat

Whenever a player dies overnight, if you are alive, the kill flavour will (most likely incorrectly) specify that you killed them (e.g. a player might flip as “Mafia Goon, shot by your name”).


Reroll until you get a role with passive abilities only; reverse the alignment of the resulting role; the player gets an (incorrect) PM as though they were a vanilla of their new alignment


Town Reverse-Informed Paranoid Gun Owner

A random town role with an active action will be informed that you are a Paranoid Gun Owner. (You know that this has happened, but not which player was informed.)
When a player uses an active night action on you, you reflexively kill them.


Keep rolling until you roll a non-Town role; then combine the functionality of all the roles you rolled with the alignment of the non-Town role at the end into one large role


Mafia Mirage

You cannot be affected by night actions which were deflected, redirected, or otherwise not intentionally aimed at you by their user.


Town Ghostly Cop

Once you have died, you can make a Cop investigations every night, and may communicate the result to the dead thread if you like.
This role can potentially impact the game if, e.g., a Watcher sees you investigating someone after you’ve died, but the results come too late to be useful.


Town Cop of Unknown Sanity

The moderator randomizes between sane, insane, paranoid, naive. The player with the role will know their sanity is in question, but not what their sanity is.


Investigative Visitor (random alignment, defaulting to town)

Each night, you may target a player. You will learn that your action succeeded (unless it failed, in which case you will learn that your action failed).



Fulltime Jack of all Cops

Each phase you can preform one of the following actions.
You can only use each action once.
All actions return a positive or negative and not the actual role that returned the positive or negative.

  1. Alphabetic Cop - Check is a player does not have numbers in their role card or not. (If there are no numbers on the role card anywhere the role is positive, otherwise if there is one it is genitive. Must be a number not a word like “one”.)
  2. Bomber Cop - Check if a player is a Bomber or not.
  3. Communications Cop - Check if a player can talk in private with another person at night. (Neighbors/Masons/Mafia/Medium/etc.)
  4. Cop Cop - Check if a player is a cop or not.
  5. Cult Cop - Check if a player is a member of a cult or not.
  6. Even Cop - Check if a player’s role is an even number or not. (GIM thread)
  7. Gun Cop - Check if a player has a gun or not. (Just a gunsmith)
  8. Hidden Cop - Check if a player is a Ninja/Hider/Commuter/Ascetic or not. Ignores effects of Ascetic/Commuting.
  9. Immunity Cop - Check if a player is night immune or not.
  10. Jester Cop - Check if a player is a vengeful role/needs to die to win or not. (Jester/Phantom/Vengeful Townie/etc.)
  11. JOAT Cop - Check if a player is a JOAT or not.
  12. Killer Cop - Check if a player has killed someone this game or not. (Hammer counts as killing as does Gladiating)
  13. Liar Cop - Check if a statement someone has made is telling the truth or not.
  14. Linked Cop - Check if a player is linked to another or not. (Lover/Executioner/Neighbor/Mason/etc.)
  15. Magic Cop - Check if a player is a magical/supernatural role or not. (Witch/Sorcerer/Warlock/Retributionist/Medium/etc.)
  16. Manipulative Cop - Check if a player can manipulate votes/roleblock/redirect or not. (Roleblocker/Rolestopper/Witch/Marshal/Gladiator/No Voter/Double Voter/Silent Voter/etc.)
  17. Neutral Cop - Check if a player is Neutral or not.
  18. Odd Cop - Check if a player’s role is an odd number or not. (GIM thread)
  19. Parity Cop - Check if a player is of the same result as the last player you check or not. Cannot be used night 1. (It will assume you are just reusing the last check.)
  20. Player Cop - Check if a player is a role created by [player] or not. You can chose the player you are comparing them too in the GIM thread.
  21. Power Cop - Check if a player is a Town Power/Mafia Head or not.
  22. Serial Cop - Check if a player is a Neutral Killing or not.
  23. True Cop - Check if a player is Mafia or not.
  24. Vanilla Cop - Check if a player is a non-power role or not. (note Serial Killer will only show up as positive if their only ability is to kill once a night. Power role also does not mean Town-Power just a role that is not Citizen/Goon/Vanilla Serial Killer)
  25. VigCop - Check if a player can vig a player or not. (Mafia dayvig/Vigilante/etc.) (Is not Mafia/Serial Killer kills specifically Vigilante)
  26. Visit Cop - Check if a player can visit others at night or not.
  27. Zebra Cop - Check if a player is an even/odd night role or not.


Reroll twice, take the role of the first reroll but the alignment and win condition of the second reroll


Unusual Faction Lover

You win if at least one townie loses and at least one Mafia member loses.

While you are alive, townies cannot win and Mafia members cannot win (unless their win is inevitable regardless of what you do), but your being alive does not prevent members of other alignments winning (and/or endgaming townies and Mafia).

You have a nightkill, which is only effective on townies and on Mafia (it fails as if roleblocked if you aim it at anyone else).
You are bulletproof except against actions by townies and Mafia.
Votes from non-townie non-Mafia players do not count towards your lynch (but still show on the votecount, so the votecount might show you at L-0 without a lynch actually having occurred).


Alien With Amnesia

@mod: Keep rolling itt until you hit a role that can target other players. Add that targeting action to this alien’s role (remove any x-shot modifier). Tell the alien they must choose to target another player each night, but don’t tell the alien what the targeting action does.


Mafia Scummer
Reroll until you get a role that has a member of the forum namedropped in it.
Wins with the mafia.


Town Un-Vanillaizer
If the person you target at night is a vanilla townie, they will gain a random role from this thread (retaining their town alignment)


Town Vanillaizer Vanillaizer
You may target a person at Night to remove any abilities that remove abilities.


If this is rolled, reroll every role to be something that shakes up the game in some way, and co-ordinate the roles to interact with each other.


The Gamma Emerald

Reroll to determine role and alignment. In addition to whatever role is received, you are in possession of a rare and mysterious gemstone known as the Gamma Emerald.

Each night, you may choose to give the Emerald away to another player. Unless that player dies, they will obtain the Gamma Emerald at the end of the night. (If they die, you will keep it, but if you die, they will still get it. If you both die, or if you die on a night you choose not to give it away, it will be lost forever.) When you give the Gamma Emerald to a player, you may optionally specify Positive or Negative; that player is guaranteed to receive an effect of the specified type that night, should you succeed in giving them the Gamma Emerald. (Otherwise, what effect they receive is completely random, as usual.) They will learn the Gamma Emerald’s effect and will be able to keep it or give it away on future nights. A player may give the Gamma Emerald away and perform a personal action in the same night.

Due to its powerful radiation, any player who possesses the Gamma Emerald at the end of the night will gain one random ability or effect from this list:

Loved (+1 vote to lynch, does not show up on votecounts, does not go away in LYLO)
1-Shot Day Neighborizer
Extra vote (shows up on votecounts; if you are voteless, you get your vote back)
Strong-willed (your actions cannot be blocked, redirected or interfered with in any way)

Hated (-1 vote to lynch, does not show up on votecounts, does not go away in LYLO)
Loyal OR Disloyal (one of these is randomly selected; you are only informed that you were made loyal/disloyal and NOT which of the two it was. If a player obtains both loyal and disloyal, their actions will always fail.)
Delayed (your personal actions, including giving away the Gamma Emerald, do not resolve until one night after they normally would)
Loss of a vote (if you have one vote, you become voteless. If you are already voteless, no effect.)

All effects stack. The same effect can be given multiple times, to the same player or to different players. Players learn which effects they have received (except in the case of loyal/disloyal, in which case they only learn that they were made loyal or disloyal).


extremely hated werewolf
dies if it gets even 1 vote


Technically Normal-Voter (alignment determined by mod)

You start every day anti-voting everyone (your vote + another person’s vote = 0 votes). You may remove your anti-vote on one person, and only one person, although you can change who does not have the anti-vote. While you are alive, everyone takes one less vote to lynch.


Town Vigilante Vigilante

You may target a player at night; if they have any killing powers, they are killed.


vengeful arsonist survivor
Each night you may douse 1 player
If you are lynched, each doused player is lit on fire and killed
If you are killed, each doused player flips but is not killed


omnicidal vengeful arsonist jester with a medical degree
To win, everyone must either be dead or die at the jesters death
The ovajmd can douse 3 people a night
The ovajmd can save one person per night
When killed, all doused targets die


Alien Neighborizing Group-Vigilante

Every night, you must neighborize a non-alien player; they are added to the neighborhood the next day. All living members of this neighborhood share a group vigilante shot each night, decided by a vote in the neighborhood chat (plurality applies, majority vote ends the voting, deadline is the end of the night phase) Ties are broken in your favor.


Reroll, except this role and every role rolled after it are neighbors
If this is the first or last rolled role, ignore it and reroll.


Town Imprecise Parity Vigilante

Each night, choose three players. The moderator will randomly choose two players out of the three you chose. If their alignments differ from each other, they both die. Otherwise, nothing happens. You won’t learn which two out of the three players were chosen.


Imprecise X

Reroll until you get a role that targets one player, excluding factional abilities. Every night, choose two players; you will perform an action on one of those players chosen randomly by the moderator. You wouldn’t learn who you actually targeted.


This game is a sci-fi action flick and none of you are main characters,
meaning your aim is terrible.

^ That statement must be announced at the beginning of the game.
For every action in this game that targets n people (including factional actions, but not including voting), those using the actions must give the mod n+1 targets, and the mod will randomly choose one person from that list to not be affected. The mod will never reveal the results of these randomizations.

This roll does not count as a role, so continue rolling.


Paranoid Vigilante

Each night, you may kill a player.

You’re just trying to eliminate the bad guys. But you have this horrible feeling that everyone is out to get you…

You win when everyone who is a threat to you is eliminated. That might be just anti-town players, or it might be everybody else.


Town Orange Thermometer

Each player starts out at 100 degrees. Every time a players performs an ability/action (including day actions), their temperature will go down by 10 degrees. Each night you can ask the mod for a temperature list, and the mod will give you everybody’s temperatures after the night has ended.

Roleblocking, cult recruiting, factional nightkills, and dayvigging are examples of abilities/actions. If it is a factional nightkill, only the player who did the nightkill will have his/her temperature dropped. Voting and talking are NOT counted as abilities or actions in this case.


Town Chain-Tracker


  • Chain-Tracking: [Night Action] Target a player. You are returned a list of the players they targeted. Then, for each player they targeted, you are returned a list of the players their targets targeted, and so on.


Reroll, but add the modifier Prime, meaning the role can only be used if the current day or night number is a prime number.
No, 1 is not a prime number.


Game Show Contestant

Each night, you can answer a trivia question given by the mod via PM to gain Bulletproof for this night only. You win with the Town.


Reroll to any role that give the one who has it a different role PM than the one they actually get. This does not modify alignment of the role in any way, but if this is rolled by, say, a “reroll but use the opposite alignment” card, that effect would carry over.


Compulsive Inaccurate Vig
Each night choose 4 people to attempt to shoot. They will be randomly assigned A, B, C and D. Each have a different percentage of being shot as follows


Way Too Much Daylight Savings Townie
If DST is currently in effect IRL:
The game starts at Night 1. If it was going to start at Night 1 already, it starts at Day 2. If it was going to start at Day 2 already, it starts at night 2, etc.
The game starts at Night 0. If it was going to start at Night 0 already, it starts at Day 0. If it was going to start at Day 0 already, it starts at night -1, etc.


One Thousand Monkeys on Typwriters Given One Thousand Years
Reroll all roles to be any role that has greater than 100 characters.


Surprise! You’re actually playing a normal game!

This does not count as a role. If this is rolled, discard everything. Select a setup that had already been used in those forums that is approved and has the same amount of players that are in your game. Announce that this game has been turned into a normal game, then finish setting up (and applying any twists to) the game like it was the one that you selected.


…but every other beat is missing
Reroll. In addition to the rerolled card you may only mention, quote, affect, and post odd-numbered posts. If any card uses re-rolls in any way, only odd-numbered results count.


Just make it a day ability that takes effect as soon as day ends in the thread
Named Elephant(1245)

done. I have changed it into a public announcement
number your class maxi


You may be any faction. But if you, for any reason, become in a cult, you immediately kill the cult leader and become the leader.
If there is no leader, you become it.


Town Forensic Scientist
Each night, you may target a player who died during a previous night. You will learn that player’s true role and alignment, if the flip was tampered with, as well as who they visited the night they died and any messages they would have received (result PM’s, neighborizer/friendly neighbor notifications, etc) the night they died.




Day 1 Survivor, Day 2+ Jester

You win if you survive Day 1 and get lynched in Day 2 or later

You also win if the game ends on Day 1/Night 1 and you are still alive.


Town Night 3 Dark Omen
At the end of night 3, if you are in the game and alive, the mod will post “Something terrible has happened!”. This does nothing.


Town Night 3 Light Omen
At the end of night 3, if you are in the game and alive, the mod will post “Something wonderful has happened!”. This does nothing.


Town Night 3 Darker Omen
At the end of night 3, if you are in the game and alive, the mod will post “Something terrible has happened!”. After this, if a townie is ever lynched, town loses.


Town Night 3 Light Omen
At the end of night 3, if you are in the game and alive, the mod will post “Something wonderful has happened!”. After this, if a scum is ever lynched, the Blue Dragon wins.


Treestump Survivor, day 4 bomb

If you make it to night 4, you instantly die/lose, but you take out anyone who was voting you on day 4.



This is a modifier that -if rolled- can be combined with any other role/alignment. Obviously there’s only a handful of roles that would go well with this invisibility status (it can’t be an investigative/informative because it won’t be able to relay the info they get to the main thread).

This player can vote and submit action to the mod via PM, but cannot post in the main thread. They are also untargetable by night (similar to Commuter) but they can act themselves at night if their role allows them to (incognito/ninja).

Obviously, the only way to get them mod confirmed is by lynch, since that’s the only way they can die.


hi mod, how was your day
oh yeah reroll this


the mod puts all the people in a spoiler titled “do not open!” the player does not know this, but you must not be on the lynch wagon of any of the people listed in that spoiler or you lose and die. you appear as a vanilla townie to yourself.


Three Townies

you start out with two additional votes. the first two times you would die for any reason, you instead lose one of your extra votes.


Grand Idea Townie
When you roll this card, you must post a role in the Grand Idea Mafia thread before eod1 or you will die N1. You’re otherwise mechanically a vt.


Each night, you may target a player. If any killing action is used on you by anyone other than your target, it will fail. However, if your target dies that night, you can no longer use your ability.
You are aligned with the Town.

You may only use 1337speak as well.


Mafia King

This game is immune to all forms of killing until the chess game ends, including lynches.
This player must have an ongoing game of chess in their posts in which their opponent is the rest of the playerlist; this player is white, everyone else shares black. They must take a turn whenever they post, as long as it is white’s turn. Any other player may take a turn for black when it is black’s turn. If black wins the game of chess, this player dies. If white wins, this player can daykill anyone who took a turn for black.


no u
anything targetting you instead targets the person who took the action


Town Decryptor
Scum do not have daytalk while you are alive. They gain daytalk if you die.


Town Kirby
JOAT with the following abilities:

  • Copy - you can inhale another player at night, killing them and giving you their powers (but not alignment). You keep that person’s abilities but can still use your other abilities.
  • Warp star (Commute) - you can warp out of the area and be immune to all nightactions.
  • Maxim Tomato (ACTIVE Bulletproof) - you eat a maxim tomato. If you are attacked then it heals you, if you arent attacked then God dammit kirby you wasted a tomato at full health.
  • Robobot (strongman vig) - You can punch another player and it kills them because you got them lit robo fists


Keeper of the Disgraced
Wins if it survives to end game, has the choice to be completely bulletproof or completely lynchproof. Any third parties that lose in a game with this role alive will be able to win if this role wins.


Chess Grandmaster
You must challenge another player to a game of chess in thread before the game starts.
If this player declines, they are modkilled instantly. (They are informed of this being the case)

If the Grandmaster wins, their opponent dies, and they must challenge another player.
If the Grandmaster loses, they die, their opponent inherits this role, and must challenge a player to a game of chess.

If one of the players posts when it is their turn to move, and does not include a move, they are instantly modkilled, and their opponent is declared the winner.

Wins if they are the last man standing (or previous win-con if another player inherited this role)


Red Goo (alignment chosen by modifier, defaulting to town)

Whenever anyone targets you at night, you will reflexively Neighbourise them.


Replace all roles with Cult Citizens.
Do not inform any other players that the others are cult.

Game ends once someone figures out that everyone is a cultist.

Ok I’ll stop


This slot is given this ability:

Drug Deal (Night) - Replace a target’s feedback with feedback of your choosing. Be creative! (Infinite Uses)

Reroll this slot.

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Checkers Grandmaster
You must challenge another player to a game of checkers in thread before the game starts.
If this player declines, they are modkilled instantly. (They are informed of this being the case)

If the Grandmaster wins, their opponent dies, and they must challenge another player.
If the Grandmaster loses, they die, their opponent inherits this role, and must challenge a player to a game of checkers.

If one of the players posts when it is their turn to move, and does not include a move, they are instantly modkilled, and their opponent is declared the winner.

Wins if they are the last man standing (or previous win-con if another player inherited this role)


4-in-a-row Grandmaster
You must challenge another player to a game of 4-in-a-row in thread before the game starts.
If this player declines, they are modkilled instantly. (They are informed of this being the case)

If the Grandmaster wins, their opponent dies, and they must challenge another player.
If the Grandmaster loses, they die, their opponent inherits this role, and must challenge a player to a game of 4-in-a-row.

If one of the players posts when it is their turn to move, and does not include a move, they are instantly modkilled, and their opponent is declared the winner.

Wins if they are the last man standing (or previous win-con if another player inherited this role)