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Grand Idea FoL - Ashe's Version



Evil King

Probably gonna make a Turbo cause why not



The Roles of the scumteam will be revealed publicly. Reroll this slot.



EK that flip as ek but secretly wins with BD <3

gotta add “reroll this slot”



If there is a Scorned in the game, or a class that would otherwise need to see players die regardless of their class or alignment, randomise their targets every day/night cycle. Reroll this slot.



On Night 2, 2 players roles will switch, they will be able to win with each other and have a night chat together. Reroll this slot.



That’s how Mafia works.

Named level 35 boss



Good King but they have an unlimited use of Royal Pardons and must use them every day on someone or else they will be modkilled.



Every class rolled after this will be a King. Reroll this slot.



Moleland’s Pretender



Communicator but they only have a chat with the person below them regardless of their passive.

They are not informed of this



If this slot is rolled, Geyde will become a Litzen instantly for being a failure and messing up the numbers



The Overmind

Neutral Special

My Eyes Are Broken (Passive) - You will know everyones classes, but are not allowed to reveal them until the game ends or you will be modkilled, bypassing everything. You will not join dead chat if there is one and are not allowed to speak to the living. You are also immune to all forms of death and occupation.
On Your Mind (Passive) - At the beginning of the game, it will be revealed that the Overmind (1209) is in the game.
Visit (Day) - Visit a player tonight, bypassing visit prevention abilities and visiting effects. This does nothing. [Infinite]
Those Bastards Lied To Me (Night) - If there are any bastard mechanics, then you will learn one of them tonight. [2 Uses]
Your goal is to be in the last 15%(rounded up) of players alive.

gotta add “reroll this slot” again @wazzaazza

G! Turbo - Pretty Much Everyone Wins


If the game is still going N3 and there is a NK/multiple NKs in the game alive, a random NK’s role is swapped with a random BD/town player. Reroll this spot.



MaximusPrime will gain the ability “Reroll this slot” where they can reroll any player once. Reroll this slot.



Crazed Lunatic

Neutral Killer
The Shadows in my Room (Passive) - You are death immune at night. If you are executed for treason, the night will be skipped and the next day will begin, abilities that were from the day will still be used for the night.
The Depths of Hell! (Passive) - If someone says their real class, they will be modkilled, this effect plays until you die.
Joint together by the shadows (Day) - Your votes count as two today. - 3 Uses.
Luck of the Draw (Night) - Target a player and the host will roll a dice, if the dice lands on an odd number you will kill that player. If the dice lands on an even number you will heal that player. - Infinite Uses.
Paranoia (Night) - Occupy and kill any player visiting you tonight, can not be used until night three. - 1 Use.

11111st Poster gets a cookie



Confessor Jiji

Neutral Support

Offering Service (Passive): Everytime a player dies during night they leave a shade that will haunt the door of the player who killed them (more than one if he was attacked more than once). When you visit a door that has a shade on it, it will vanish and you will revive the player that owns it the following morning.
Void Handling (Passive): When you spawn, if there is no The Knight spawned, half the players will get a feedback as if there is a The Knight in the game. The Knight.

Regret Reading (Day): Exhume a player that died during the night and at the start of the next night you will know the class of their attacker. 3 uses.

Hungry (Night): You are hungry, in need of Rancid Eggs to eat. Visit a player, ask them for food, and in trade you protect their shade from evading their body — if they die this night, you will revive them, and the attacker will think the attack failed. 3 uses.
Free of Regret (Night): Visit two players, having a fun conversation for the night. If one of them attacks someone that is not in the conversation, you will be notified. 1 night cooldown. Unlimited uses.

Goal: Revive 3 different players.




The Pale King

Neutral Special

Savior of Hallownest (Passive): You will be announced as the King. Your vote counts as two.
No Cost Too Great (Passive): If there is not a The Knight at the game yet, one will be spawned. You cannot have The Infection.

Decide Fate (Day): Decide if someone will be executed or pardoned. If there is no trials at this game, you can instead instantly lynch them. 1 use.
Seal (Day): Seal a player for the following night, making them unable to be visited. 3 uses.

Wyrm (Night): If you die tonight, all attackers will be notified their action failed, and you will revive. 2 uses.
Path of Pain (Night): Put someone at a deadly maze for the night, preventing them from taking any actions. 2 uses.

Goal: Survive to the end of the game.



Whoever rolls this slot can pick their own class from this list.


Your day ability on 1218 doesn’t have a specified number of uses


This slot has immunity to occupation and redirection. If the slot rolls into a class that would have occupation and redirection immunity normally, they instead LOSE those immunities. Reroll this slot.




Blue Dragon Special
Not-Really-Blood Brothers (Passive) - You will have a private chat with Richard, whom Maxi forgot to rename the class but is the guy who talks with Vilhelm, able to talk to him at any time you’d like.
Royal Blood (Passive) You can step earlier than other classes to the throne. If the Prince or the Drunk (or its conversions) didn’t step up, you automatically become the king because this is how nobility works. You will keep this passive even if your class changes.
At Dawn (Day) - Wake up obnoxiously earlier than everyone. The day will start 5 hours earlier for you. - Infinite uses.
Distract (Day) - Silence a player for one minute. Exactly, one minute. And be grateful, because most peoplehave shorter attention spans - 3 uses.
Sense of Personal Space (Night) - Visit everyone tonight, even if they are jailed, because the Duke can open as many doors he fucking wants. - Infinite uses.
Sips tea (Night) - Summon Richard to wherever you are right now to hear some gossip. - 1 uses.

Defeat the scum factions and be turned King.



Cult Special
High Priestess Sheya (Passive) - You will appear as the Priest to all checks done to you.
Ominious (Passive) - You were formerly an Apostle, who traded your ability to hear the dead for one to hear the voices of the dark. You may talk to the host. The host is now a player under the name Mithras or Corax, of their choosing, who has the cult win condition.
Merchant Turmoil (Day) - Create a fight over a book in the merchant square. You will remove the Paladin’s Test of Faith ability. - 1 use.
Lead to the Dark (Day) - Kidnap the Hunter. For the remaining of this cycle, the next night and the next day, they will appear to be jailed by the Prince. If the Hunter is not in the game, kidnap PKR. - 1 use.
Strange Ritual Shit (Night) - Sacrifice an AFK Cult Member to do an effect of Geyde’s choosing. - Infinite Uses.

Your objective is to defeat the Blue Dragon and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.


Named Demon.
Because I want not to do something 4 you in under 5 minutes, so instead you will have nothing.


Turbo Game Killer

This class, at the discern of the host, may be or not be Turbo-exlusive.

Neutral Offensive
Slow Death (Passive): For every additional day you survive, the night increases by 5 minutes permanently.
Painful Death (Passive): You are night immune and all dayvigs will be reflected back at the user. If you are lynched, add 1 minute to the night phases for every player that voted you up. If you die at though something bypassing your immunity, add 10 minutes to the night phases.
Grant of Time (Day): Instantly skip the day phase, adding 7 minutes instead of 5. All forms of night chat cannot be used tonight. You gain a use every time you are attacked. [1 Use]
Waste of Time (Day): Occupy everyone tonight, including yourself, bypassing all immunities. Increase the night by 1 minute for every player occupied. Gain an additional use for every 3 players treestumped. [2 Uses]
Why is This Even Allowed (Night): Temporarily treestump a player for a day and a night. If they are scum, they will be unable to use their night chat tonight and be unable to use day abilities instead. You may target 2 people a night if you disable your passive for the next day. [Infinite]
A Stump is Already Dead (Night): Kill the person you have currently tree stumped, bypassing everything. Additionally, this will add 2 minutes to the night phases. Gain a use every time you are occupied or redirected. [1 Use]

Get the game canned for bypassing the maximum duration timespan, or for inactivity.




Blue Dragon Social
Royal Blood (Passive) - Votes to become king count as two for you.
Almost Blood Brothers (Passive) - You will have a private chat with Vilhelm, able to talk to him at any time you’d like. You will also be unable to step up for king as long as he is alive.
Pull Rank (Day) - You will add +2 to your rolls today. [∞ Uses, 1 day cooldown]
Sponsor (Night) - Give a player some gold. You have a massive amount after all, what’s a few gold coins to you? You will gain 10 uses every 4 days. [1000 Uses]
Misslead Kiss (Night) - At Night 2, you will confess your feelings. It does nothing other than making the whole situation extremely awkward. After this ability is used, you and VIlhelm may not talk to each other directly in the thread. - 1 use
Your objective is to defeat the Unseen, Cult, Green Kraken, and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.


The Sorcerer
Neutral Support

Perception (Passive) - You can see very well. You also have a cat.
Mage Armor (Passive) - You are immune to bleeding and poison and have magic powers but don’t know how to use them
Bluff (Day/Night) - Bullshit your way out of things once again with your godly bluff rolls. [∞ Uses]
Brew Potion (Day/Night) - You can brew a potion whenever you are near a brewing station, so long as you have the materials. [∞ Uses]
Your goal is to ???