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Grand Idea FoL - Ashe's Version



Neutral Support

Weak (Passive) - If you visit a member of any scum faction, you will die.

Pants on Fire (Day) - Redirect all day abilities from your target back onto themselves. (1 Use)

Facemask (Night) - Make target player immune to conversion for the night. (3 Uses)
’Guard’ (Night) - Redirect all visits from yourself to the target, bypassing redirection immunity. Does not count as a visit. (Infinite Uses)

Defeat the scum faction.



Danved :shield: :crossed_swords:
Blue Dragon Killer

Fights like Ten Men (Passive) - Immune to death 9 times.

Wishblade (Day) - Kill a player silently. If you kill a good guy, lose all remaining uses. (3 Uses)
Who’s Devdan? (Day) - Be Devdan. (Infinite Uses)

Defeat the scum faction and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.


Devdan :crossed_swords: :shield:
Blue Dragon Killer

Fights like Ten Men (Passive) - Immune to death 9 times. This count is separate from Danved as they are obviously not the same person.

Pitfalls (Day) - Prevent all visits to and from the target for the current cycle. (Infinite Uses)

Impale (Night) - Kill the player you targeted with Pitfall. This will bypass immunities and be guaranteed. If you kill a good guy, lose all uses of this ability. (3 Uses)
Who’s Danved? (Night) - Be Danved. (Infinite Uses)

Defeat the scum faction and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.



Match Maker :heart:

Neutral Social

Tragic Love (Passive) - If a couple is alive, any attack directed at you will instead be redirected to one of the lover.
Deeply in Love with Love (Passive) - You are immune to any form on occupation, redirection, and conversion. Poison and bleeding takes one extra day to kill you.

Love Booth (Day) - Invite a couple into a neighbourhood chat for the night with you. They will not be able to do anything tonight. (Infinite use)

Love Darlings (Night) - Turn two people into a couple. If they are of different alignment, their goal will change into survive until both major factions ceased to exist. (Infinite uses, 2 nights cooldown)
Romantic Dinner (Night) - Tonight, any actions directed to you or any couple will fail. (3 uses)

Ensure at least one couple survive until the end



Table Flipper
Mafia Support

Ceaseless Rage (Passive) - Cannot be redirected off of your intended target. Any player who attempts to redirect you will die. You may use AtE freely.

Flip the Table (Day) - If a player is modconfirmed as BD, kill them. (1 Use)
Jerry Rig (Day) - Target player will believe they are doused in gas at the end of tonight. If they die during the night, their flip and logs will be cleaned. (2 Uses)

Cause Chaos (Night) - Occupy all players who attempt to visit target player or yourself. (Infinite Uses)
Hidden Pistol (Night) - Kill a player. (1 Use)

Defeat all who stand in your way of domination.



The Don :crown: :shield:
Mafia Special

Criminal Mastermind (Passive) - Your vote counts as two. At the beginning of the game, you are informed of how many Mafia members are present. If you die, a vote will be held to decide the next king.
Private Contact (Passive) - If you target a member of the Mafia with your abilities, you will be added to their private chat.

Sleep with the Fishes (Day) - Decide the fate of a player currently on trial. (1 Use)

Hired Protection (Night) - Grant a player immunity to death for the night. (3 Uses)
Dispose of Evidence (Night) - Make target player appear as not suspicious to investigative abilities. They will be protected from all day abilities that target them. (Infinite Uses)

Defeat all who stand in your way of domination.

Crowned from all Mafia members



Mafia Investigative

Information Broker (Passive) - You will the class type of any player who visits you, but they will gain a single use in all limited abilities.
Sharp Eye (Passive) - Your investigative results are always correct.

Ransack (Day) - Search a player’s room in order to gain a clue to their class type. (Infinite Uses)

Interrogate (Night) - Learn a player’s class. (Infinite Uses)
Watch Over (Night) - See who a player visits and who visits them. (2 Uses)

Defeat all who stand in your way of domination.



Mafia Offensive

Tough (Passive) - Immune to death while visiting a member of the mafia. In addition, you are immune to occupation and redirection.

Glare (Day) - Prevent a player from voting or using abilities today. They will not be notified. (2 Uses)

Cripple (Night) - Occupy a player. When targeting a player for the third time, instead kill them bypassing immunities. (Infinite Uses)
Stand Guard (Night) - Prevent all visits to target player, alongside killing any players that attempted to attack them. (3 Uses)

Defeat all who stand in your way of domination.



Insane Prince (Will appear to be Prince when the rolecard is given. Basically uninformed.)

Automatically executes any Knight/Phys/Phil Swift claim regardless of their uses of Execute.



Neutral Killer

Omnipresence (Passive) - Immune to death from lynching once. Immune to death at night once.

Seal (Day) - Guess a player’s class. If correct, they will die and you will gain a use of It Comes. (Infinite Uses)
Rend Flesh (Day) - Cause a player to start bleeding uncontrollably. They will die in two nights if not healed. (2 Uses)

It Comes (Night) - Terrify two players. Their win condition will be changed to See the Archfiend win, with them not counting as a member of a main faction for the purposes of your win condition IF they are alive in two nights time. (0 Uses)
Obliterate (Night) - Target player will commit suicide. (1 Use)

Survive to see the defeat of the main factions.



Knight but immune to death once. Applies to CS and they are not informed of this passive




Renamed bastard knight who kills all court wizards they visit or are visited by



Reflexive Vanillarizer
Unseen Special

Bullet Time (Passive) - Any player who visits you is vanillarized if they are not a converter or a neutral killer.

Neutralize (Night) - Change target’s class into one with no abilities. (Infinite Uses)

Defeat all who would stand in your way.



Paranoid Sniper
Mafia Killer

Paranoia (Passive) - All players who visit you will be killed.

Headshot (Day) - Kill a player provided they have either hardclaimed or have made less than 50 posts during the course of the game. The latter scenario can only be used on d3 onwards. (2 Uses)

Bulletproof (Night) - Gain immunity to death for the night. Your passive will now bypass immunities for the night. (2 Uses)
Assist (Night) - Make the user of the factional kill guaranteed to visit their target. (2 Uses)

Defeat all who stand in your way of domination.



Mafia Special

Distinguished (Passive) - Immune to death once. You will appear as not suspicious to any investigative abilities.
Authority (Passive) - During each night, you may choose to train a member of the mafia to become another role. They may not be trained into any unique roles and will be occupied on the night of training.

Falsified Records (Day) - If target player is a member of the mafia, they will appear as not suspicious to investigative results for the cycle. If target player is anyone else, they will appear to be suspicious to all investigative results for the cycle, alongside appearing to visit the Mafia’s kill target. (3 Uses)

Blackmail (Night) - “Convince” a player to join the Mafia. Refunds use if this fails to convert. (1 Use, cannot gain more than this)
Hail of Lead (Night) - The performer of the factional kill can target an additional player tonight. (1 Use)

Defeat all who stand in your way of domination.



Foolest of Fools
If you were checked by a princess or an associated role, that sucks for you cause this result will spell your doom

Rioting (Passive) - If you are lynched, three of the players who voted to execute you will be changed into foolsochemists.

Get yourself lynched.



Starting Mad King



The Real Omnimiller
Neutral Special

"I claim miller" (Passive) - Immune to death from everything but lynching. Any ability (investigative or not) targeting The Real Omnimiller will yield an investigative result showing The Real Omnimiller has been targeted. Cannot change class. Will always silently lose king elections.

Witch Hunt (Passive) - Day 1 it will publicly be announced “The Real Omnimiller” is in the game. If he survives to day 4, everyone, but the real omnimiller, wil lose.

Survive until day 4 and watch the world burn.

I replied to you, because I copied your format, woops




Orange Man
No Politics (Day) - If anyone brings up a political statement in thread. Instantly dayvig them, killing them epic style
No Poltics 2 (Night) - Kill target player. This only works if the target has a political related class
Contradiction (Night) - since I accidently made your classname political out of nowhere. you will be assassinated by El Chapo tonight. This bypasses all immunities - 1 use
Minimise all political talk from the thread and kill any political classes in the game. this includes yourself



the bad orange man is orangeandblack5

Orange doesnt deserve this hate. but I have to play it off so my epic class above this one dosnt get the delete for joking about politics in a game which should be politically neutral.
Since I felt bad for my previous post because politics is one of the most toxic things to talk about.
Named Scorned that has orangeandblack and bad (951) as target. If one of these arent present in the game. randomise the target



Terry Crews

Old Spice Neutral Killer
16 hours of B.O. Blocking POWEEEERRRR (Passive) - Your old spice makes is so powerful that you break into a random forum game. It makes you death and occupy immune due to it’s B.O. Blocking POWERRRRRRRRR
Block (Day) - Block all B.O. from visiting you tonight. - 2 uses
Odor Blocking Body Wash is too Powerful to Let this Commercial End (Day) - If a member of the Blue Dragon is executed on trial. Another trial will be started. (Same message as Bounty) - 1 use
Get shaved in the face (Night) - Kill target player with your old spice shaver. Bypassing all immunities - Infinite uses
POWERRRRRR. in a can (Night) - Redirect targeted player to another player. Bypassing redirection immunity. Additionally you will know who visited your target. - 3 uses
Your objective is to block all body odor from the game for 16 hours. (Kill all main factions and any neutrals that oppose you.)