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Grand Idea FoL - Ashe's Version




Smash Offensive
Wins By Doing Absolutely Nothing (Passive) - If you do not perform a day and night action, you gain a use of a limited ability of your choosing.
Plunger (Day) - Prevent a player from using their day action. - 2 uses
Negative Zone (Night) - If a player visits you, they will be occupied on the current night and the next night. - 2 uses
Defeat the good faction and any neutrals that stand in your way.



Goku :fire: :crossed_swords:
Blue Dragon Killer

Defeat the scum faction and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.



Physician but instead of healing their target they kill them.



Edgelord Apostle
Cult Social

2Edgy (Passive) - Same as normal apostle but starts with hidden blade and reap.

Cult wincon



Possessor but possess actually possesses the target player, causing the target to become the Possessor bypassing immunities while you become an Alchemist with the wincon for the Possessor to win.

(uses of possess are shared between players)




Same as alchemist but also wins if they live to see a nolynch



Nicolas Cage
Neutral Investigative

National Treasure (Passive) - Two random players will be notified that Nicolas Cage is in game, with one of them being assigned the Declaration of Independence at the start of game. They will be immune to death while holding it. The player who was assigned the Declaration will know of the identity of the player who wasn’t assigned it but still notified. Their class is [x].
Star Performer (Passive) - Immune to death at night once.

Watch (Night) - See if a player has the Declaration of Independence. (Infinite Uses)
Steal the Declaration of Independence (Night) - Steal the Declaration from a player if they have it, killing them bypassing immunities. If they had the Declaration they will automatically lose regardless of their win condition. (2 Uses)

Steal the Declaration of Independence.


this is infinite???

op af

you forgot the legendary The Plank


Post Restriction Master

Neutral Social
Oh You Poor, Poor Bastard (Passive) - You must make at least 10 posts every 24 hours. You must always talk in perfect Spanish for the first day and in Haiku or Limerick for the rest. You may not repeat the same type of poem twice in a row. You are immune to death, cannot be visited, and will be healed every night. You are not allowed to use numbers or post pictures. You must like any post that implies that you are scum. You must replace all uses of capital i or lowercase L with “!”. If classes above the number 9000 spawn, you will know who they are and what their class is. You may not say “ate” or “scum” or “wolf” or “town” or “bd” and you must always have your text in pure white to flex on those light themers. Additionally, you must always buddy with the next alive player above you in the rolelist. You will secretly need 2 additional votes to be lynched on odd days but cannot use the letter “H” or “Y” and 1 less vote to be lynched on even days but can use numbers. An inability to follow your PR more than 3 times will result in a modkill, bypassing your passive. You also start the game with an additional soul and will consume one if you would ever die, including through prince execution, lynch, and modkill.
Matar (Night) - Kill a player, bypassing everything. This ability will be disabled once you complete your objective. [3 Uses]
You win if you are alive by the start of Day 5 and if you cause as much havoc and confusion as possible.

How your text should look


10000th Poster gets a cookie



Demon but will always appear as BD to faction checks + visits not showing alongside the flavor for all of their kills showing as them being Gonk’d.



Post Restriction Master but their passive is audited to force them to make at least 50 posts each day. (this audit prioritizes other parts of the passive if there is conflict)



(Alignment is randomized, and is not revealed upon death)

Unknown Killer

Depravity (Passive) - Immune to death, even from the Prince’s execution. If you are jailed, you will kill your jailer bypassing all forms of protection. In addition, the visitors of your doused targets will also be doused silently. You will know who is doused at the start of each day. This passive is only applicable to the Neutral version of this class.
Vandal (Passive) - Doused targets will show up as suspicious to all investigative abilities. This passive is only applicable to the Scum version of this class.
Barricade (Passive) - On nights you do not use an ability, you are immune to death. This passive is applicable to all versions of this class.

Douse (Night) - Douse a player in gas. They will be notified of this. (Infinite Uses)
Inferno (Night) - Ignite all doused players excluding yourself. Nothing can save them. (Infinite Uses)

Neutral: Survive to see the main factions burn.
Scum: Defeat all threats to your domination.
BD: Defeat the scum faction and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.



Bustermind :crossed_swords: :star:
Unseen Special

High IQ Tactics (Passive) - Same as normal Mastermind but whenever you bus another Unseen member Converting abilities come off of cooldown and you will be guaranteed to visit your target.

Defeat all who would oppose your domination.



Bus Driver :crossed_swords: :star:
Cult Special

High IQ Tactics (Passive) - Same as normal Cult Leader but whenever you bus a fellow cult member Brainwash comes off of cooldown and you will guaranteed to visit your target that night.

Defeat all who would oppose your domination.



sans undertale :shield:

sans gaming
dodge (passive) - you are immune to one attack made on your life. additionally you will know exactly who papyrus is if he spawns in and you will share a nightchat with them. you will know who killed papyrus if they die.
sleep (passive) - due to your great prediction skills. you know how many players spawned in with a killer class. additionally you must crack a skeleton pun in thread each day or your abilities will be disabled for the night.
kids like you. (day) - find out if target player has sinned (killed anybody) in the game at the start of tonight. - infinite uses
gaster blaster - kill target player. this bypasses healing and night immunities if the targeted player has been checked and has sinned. if you kill a player which has not sinned, this ability will go on a 1 night cooldown - Infinite uses
blue attack (night) - if target player leaves their room tonight, they will bleed sometime tomorrow. - 2 uses
your objective is to rid the game of all killers, so you can hope for a reset. this objective is changed to keeping papyrus alive if there is a papyrus in the game.


3 uses AND end of night AND you can’t kill until you red check them???

Uh… Since it’s EON it’s literally just better to out and lynch them so this class is stupid af like all of your other classes /s

At the very least make it EOD and infinite uses…


Dr. Boom (888)



Yoshi (860)


The Undertaker (839)



Captain Falcon :star:
Smash Killer

YES (Passive) - If you are the last member of the smash faction alive, gain immunity to death, occupation, and redirection alongside 3 uses of FALCON PUNCH.
Show me your moves (Passive) - When targeted with an ability, you gain a one use copy of it. You will be notified of what it was.

FALCON PUNCH (Day) - Dayvig a player silently. The host will anonymously reveal that the target was killed by a FALCON PUNCH. (1 Use)
Knee of Justice (Day) - Kill a player in broad daylight. The rest of the court will be so awestruck that they cannot target you with abilities for the cycle nor vote you. (1 Use)

Falcon Kick (Night) - Kill a player. (Infinite Uses)
Taunt (Night) - Get bodied. (1 Use)

Defeat all who would oppose you.




I committed tax fraud
Named Yoshi (860)



(If this slot is rolled instead roll Alm [910])


Clive :shield: :crown: :crossed_swords:

Deliverance Killer

Iron-Clad (Passive) - Immune to day attacks once. If Starting Clive, you may replace Alm if there is no class with the Ram’s Banner passive.

Ridersbane (Passive) - If Berkut is in game, you will be forced to use hit and run on them immediately.

Hit and Run (Day) - Attack a player. You have a 25% chance of killing them. - 4 uses

Sharpstrike (Night) - Attack a player. - oo uses

Lunge (Night) - Attack a player, bypassing death immunity. Swaps all targeting actions between you and the player you’re attacking except for you. - 2 uses

Defeat all who would seek to oppose you.



Alm :shield: :crown: :crossed_swords:

Deliverance Special

Hero’s Brand (Passive) - Immune to death at night, occupation, and redirection.

Rigel’s Heir (Passive) - If Starting Alm, you will appear as a Rigelian to all checks on you, all day attacks targeting you will fail, and the day after a King Rudolf dies at night, you will have the priority ascension to the throne.

Commandeering (Day) - If Clive is dead at the end of today, choose another Deliverance member. They will become Clive at the start of tonight. - 1 use

Falchion (Day) - Attack a player. You have 15% chance to kill them. If they are a Court Wizard or their class card mentions Court Wizard it will instead have perfect accuracy. - 3 uses

Recruitment (Night) - Choose a player. You will convert them to the Deliverance. - oo uses (1-Night Cooldown)

Double Lion (Night) - If there is no Clive, kill a player bypassing night immunity. - 2 Uses

Defeat all who would seek to oppose you.



named hunter who has infinite bleeds and if Yoshi visits them, then they will be occupied and killed.