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Grand Idea FoL - Ashe's Version



Same as 869 but flips as regular cult leader



Neutral Support

Poor Fellow (Passive) - If you achieve your win condition early, you may kill your accuser/killer bypassing everything.

Throw Tomato (Day) - Force another player to target you with their day abilities. (Infinite Uses)
Gladiate the Priest (Day) - Gladiate a random player who can revive, making it so that only you two can be voted today. (2 Uses)

Plague Potion (Night) - Kill a player. (2 Uses)
"Crimson" Potion (Night) - Make a player think they were healed from bleed/poison. (Infinite Uses)

Die or survive.


Help I need an infinite-use ability to put on an uninformed majority killer class that isn’t just killing people

In the meantime:


Chronomancer but Distort Reality redirects all delayed deaths to the King, if there is one. Otherwise they are redirected to you.


I don’t see an infinite use ability for a killer class working very well


Phil Swift who must claim Alchemist whenever asked for role.


Alch who must claim Phil Swift as his role



Neutral Killer

Bribe (Passive) - Immune to death, occupation, and good business practices.

Micro-transactions (Day) - Monetize a game too far, causing target player to die. (Infinite Uses)

Terrible Sequel (Night) - Gain 3 abilities from the Grand Idea thread that are worse than the original incarnations. (Infinite Uses)
Disband Company (Night) - Get rid of a great game studio, killing a player bypassing immunities. (1 Use)

Defeat all opposition.


needs to use that ability 3 times on same person third use on same person will strongman attack it



Goddamn it Hja

Named Drunk


Good Idea imho but you need to turn your post into something resembling a class

or something

Named Phil Swift



Phillip Swift

Neutral Special

Triple-Thick Adhesive (Passive) - Phil Swift will convert into this class instead of their normal convert if they are converted.

N O W T H A T ’ S A L O T T A D A M A G E ! (Day) - Triggered by posting Boom Bye Scum in the chat. Kills the player who posted above you and the person who posted below you.
Explode during the day and cause a lot of damage with it, by killing two people of the same allignment.


@H_Hjasik make a God damn class


Assassin but with every single killing ability in this thread



Cult leader that suicides n1 but also attacks a prince the same night if there is one



The Forger of the Peace Treaty :shield:

Neutral Special
Peace Treaty (Passive) - If there are more than two main factions(Neutrals are not, and do not belong to a main faction), the largest uninformed(has no faction chat) main faction and the smallest informed(has a faction chat) main faction now can win together(although still one of a faction needs to survive for its faction to win). The allied factions are announced publicly… This passive continues to work even after your death.
Re-roll (Passive) - If less than 3 main factions rolled, re-roll this class.
For Peace! (Night) - If your target is attacked tonight, and is a member of the allied factions, you die instead. - Infinite uses
Ensure the survival of both allied factions.



You need a number on your post

Named Big Boss


The Idiot


The Incinerator



The Mind Reader



Blue Dragon Special

Righteous Stand (Day) - Your next night ability will not undergo a cooldown after use. (1 Use)

Plan (Night) - Select your night action! (Infinite Uses)

  • Background Check - Determine if a player is a member of the Unseen/Cult. (Infinite Uses, 3 Night Cooldown)
  • Cure Wounds - Heal a player. (Infinite Uses, 3 Night Cooldown)
  • Glare - Occupy a player. Players that are immune to occupation will not be notified. (Infinite Uses, 3 Night Cooldown)
  • Strike - Attack a player. (Infinite Uses, 3 Night Cooldown)

Signature Move (Night) - Shoot two players that have made 5 or less posts during the day. (Infinite Uses)

Defeat the Scum Faction and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

When converted…

Unseen Special

Righteous Stand (Day) - All of your non-killing night abilities will come off of cooldown. (1 Use)

Scheme (Night) - Select your night action! (Infinite Uses)

  • Background Check (Night) - Learn the class type of the target. (Infinite Uses, 3 Night Cooldown)
  • Plant Evidence (Night) - If target player is a member of the Blue Dragon, they will be framed. If they are Unseen, they will appear to be a member of the Blue Dragon to investigative abilities. (Infinite Uses, 3 Night Cooldown)
  • Glare (Night) - Occupy a player. (Infinite Uses, 3 Night Cooldown)
  • Strike (Night) - Attack a player. This may not be used while the Assassin has uses left of 2f1. (Infinite Uses, 3 Night Cooldown)

Restore Justice (Night) - Shoot two players that have made 5 or less posts during the day. (Infinite Uses)

Defeat all threats to your domination.

Since there is no dedicated Cult Special convert…

Cult Special

Fanaticism (Passive) - If you are targeted by Blood of Mithras, the Cult Leader will appear as Blue Dragon to investigative abilities for the night.

Scheme (Night) - Gain an ability of your choice from the Grande Idea thread that does not kill, convert, or jail. (1 Use)

Defeat all threats to your domination.

This class may take abilities from any class as long as they do not kill or convert instead for Cult Alts.



Constantinople :star: :crown:
Vatican Special

King of Byzantine (Passive) - Your vote counts as two. If you die, a vote will be held to decide the next king.

Decide Fate (Day) - Force the execution or pardoning of the player currently on trial. (1 Use)
Spread the News (Day) - Make a player religious. The Vatican will be notified of this. (Infinite Uses)

Guards! (Night) - Protect a player from death tonight. If they have the Protestant passive, they will be attacked instead bypassing Night Immunity. (3 Uses)
Mandate (Night) - Kill target player if they are not religious or a member of the Vatican. (1 Use)

Vatican wincon



Dr. Boom
Neutral Special (counts as neutral killer for purposes of rolling)

Blast Shield (Passive) - Immune to occupation and redirection. Any players that attempt to attack or bleed you will EXPLODE instead, wiping their flip and logs.
Delivery Drone (Passive) - On even numbered nights you will be able to target an additional player with BOOM!.
Big Red Button (Passive) - At any point in the game, you may say I give up. SELF DESTRUCT! and ping two players. They will die bypassing all immunities. As a result, you will also die unless you would win by doing this.

Zap Cannon (Day) - Learn the class of the target. Investigation-immune targets will instead appear as Fools. (Infinite Uses)
The Boomship (Day) - Your next night ability will be guaranteed to succeed. (3 Uses)

BOOM! (Night) - Kill target player alongside cleaning their flip and logs. (Infinite Uses)
Call Backup (Night) - Change target player’s wincon to Make sure Dr. Boom wins!. For all interactions this works similarly to conversion. Uses will be refunded if it fails. (1 Use)

Defeat all who would stand in your way.



Smash Special

Starpower (Passive) - If you are the only smash character alive, gain immunity to death, occupation, and redirection alongside your vote secretly counting as two.
Forward Aerial (Passive) - If you dunk (hammer) a player, all smash aligned players will gain one use in all limited abilities due to the extreme lack of johns.

Cape (Day) - Redirect all day abilities targeting Smash players to target player. (2 Uses)
Fludd (Day) - Hose a player down, killing them if they have used any day abilities. (Infinite Uses)

D-Throw -> U-tilt Combo (Night) - Kill target player bypassing immunities if you are the only Smash-aligned character alive. (3 Uses)
Cappy Possession (Night) - Convert target player into a random Smash-Aligned class on the Grand Idea thread (they cannot be Mario). (1 Use w/ 1 Night Cooldown)

Defeat all players that would dare stand in your way.