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Grand Idea FoL - Ashe's Version


Post 821

Katie Cat

Blue Dragon Special
“…Dama, this isn’t an RP. Why am I here?”

I’m Wasting My Lives in This Game (Passive) - You have three remaining lives. If you are killed during the night, you will revive the following night. If you are killed during the day, you will revive the following day. You do not have access to dead chat. “Wait, yes I do.”
Access to Everything (Passive) “On a second thought that will be boring.”
Bored (Passive) - If visited by a member of informed minority or a Neutral, you will change your goal to win with said faction. You will have a neighbourhood chat with the member that visits you.

Gigantic Plasma Mana-Supplied Enigma Class Cannon (Day) - Summon a giant cannon. The cannon will be an eligible target for vote for treason. If the cannon gains majority vote, the cannon will be executed. If the cannon does not gain majority vote, you can choose two targets to shoot. They will bleed and die in a day. [2 uses] “Inferior humans. Bow to my cannon.”
Fresh Fish and Soy Milk Diet (Day) - Give a player a Fresh Fish and Soy Milk. Tonight, if he is visited, the Fresh Fish will move to the visitor. If he visits, the Soy Milk will move to the visited. [Infinite uses, one Fresh Fish and Soy Milk at any time] “I’m lactose intolerant.”

Lunar Blessing (Night) - Tonight, no one will be able to be redirected or occupied. [3 uses]
Give Me Something! (Night) - Visit a player. If he possesses Soy Milk, they will be occupied for two nights. If he possesses Fresh Fish, he can use both of his night abilities and day abilities for one cycle. The Soy Milk overrides Lunar Blessing. [Infinite uses]
“I’m pro-BD, but only until someone offers me a good alternative.”



Freddie Freaker :shield:

Neutral Special
1900-490-FREAK (Passive) - At all times. You will know who has the Party Freak. Any player with the party freak will gain incorrect feedback from their ability results. You have the party freak at all times.
$2 a Call (Passive) - If you are attacked. One player will lose their party freak status in order to heal you.
It’s the Freak Phone (Day) - If target player with the Party Freak dies tonight. Redirect their Party Freak to target player without the Party Freak. - 2 uses
Call Now (Day) - Kill targeted player with the Party Freak tonight. While doing this you will appear suspicious to all Investigations. This attack is unhealable. If the kill is successful you will gain one use on all limited use abilities except this one. - 1 use
Here’s the Party Freak (Night) - Give somebody the Party Freak - Infinite uses
What’s happenin’, What’s jammin (Night) - Target two players who have the party freak. You may see who they visit and who visited them tonight. - 2 uses
Your objective is to grab on the nation, do the freak long enough to give every living player the party freak or survive to see all Good Factions lose.



Padding is active at the start of the game.



(If there was not already a Shooter, this will roll as Shooter)

Mislead is active on d3.



(If there was not already a Shooter, this will roll as Shooter)

Wiretap is active on n3



(if there is no shooter, this will roll as shooter)

Intercept is active on d3



(if there was no shooter, this will roll as shooter)

Abandon Rules is active when another Heel dies.


Ooh, you reminded me, I really need to work on V2 of FWF.

Also the numbers are horribly wrong since Dama somehow went from 828 to 820, so lemme math this out.


smol bean
town social
all posts must be made in all lowercase using the smallest font possible (######), 3 strikes and you’re out.
the first time you are attacked, become BIG BOI.
you win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.







so if …And They Live Happily Ever After is infinite why wouldn’t they use it every day except to use Character Sheet

Named Omnimiller BD Mayor



The Undertaker
Tweener Killing

Lord of Darkness (Passive) - Immune to death and all forms of bleeding (poison/injury). If you are attacked or your attack fails to kill, gain one use in any limited ability of your choice. At the beginning of the third day, your Devil’s Triangle will be permanently empowered and Tombstone Piledriver will gain a new effect.

Tombstone Piledriver (Day) - Empower Devil’s Triangle in order to make the kill guaranteed. After d2, this ability will instead allow you to choose the flip and logs of the target you kill. (2 Uses)
Higher Power (Day) - Learn target player’s class type. You will appear as their class to investigative abilities. (1 Use)

Devil’s Triangle (Night) - Kill a player. (Infinite Uses)
Last Ride (Night) - Kill a player who has received their signature. If you successfully kill them, you will gain your signature instantly. (1 Use, cannot gain more)

Kill all other wrestling-related characters.



Insanity The Snuggler

Snuggle Support (Neutral Support)
OwO What’s This? (Passive) - You will receive a charge of an ability of your choice at the beginning of every second night for every Snuggle Buddy that is still alive.
Snuggle Buddies! (Passive) - You may choose one Snuggle Buddy for every 8 players at the beginning of the game(rounded down). You will have a private neighborhood where you can talk to them during the day and night. You are immune to all negative effects so long as over 50% of them are alive. Otherwise, you are only immune to death at night. If @Marluxion or @Isaac_Gonzalez are in the game, they will always be a Snuggle Buddy without taking up one of the slots. If all of your Snuggle Buddies die after N6 then you will turn into the Insane Snuggler.
UwU Snuggles~~ (Day) - Snuggle up with one of your Snuggle Buddies, killing them at the end of this night while reassuring them that it’s for the “greater good.” You will gain 2 uses of an ability of your choice. You must use this at least once every 4 nights or else you will die from lack of attention and affection. [1 Use]
I’m Gay (Day) - Publicly announce that you are Insanity The Snuggler. However, you will be unable to use any night abilities tonight. You cannot gain uses of this ability until at least one Snuggle Buddy is dead [0 Uses, cannot hold more than 1 charge]
JaNnA iS mY mAiN (Day) - Target two people. Any day abilities used on them today will be swapped. [1 Use]
Undetale Is The Best Game Ever And If You Don’t Like It Then There Must Be Something Wrong With You Because This Game Promotes Peace And Being A Pacifist So Toxic Fanbase (Day) - Give someone a lethal dose of toxicity(or a Saltiness Overload :wink: ), they will die in 3 nights if not visited at least 3 times. [0 Uses]
Supply Drop (Day) - Request a supply drop from one of your sponsors tonight. You will have a 50% chance of healing yourself and your Snuggle Buddies tonight. You will know whether this will be successful or not at the start of the night. [1 Use]
rawr xd (Night) - Force someone to talk in the cringy internet roleplay langauge(owo, hewwo, etc) for the rest of the day. If they fail more than 3 times they will be mod killed and you will regain a use of an ability of your choice. [2 Uses]
Hi Gay, I’m Dad (Night) - If you used I’m Gay already, then the next person to make a joke or sarcasm will become Dad (841) [0 Uses]
Furry Fanfiction (Night) - Read furry fanfiction tonight, preventing everyone from visiting you or your Snuggle Buddies tonight. This cannot be bypassed unless you have an anthropomorphic animal character as their pfp. [1 Use]
Flirt :wink: :wink: (Night) - Attempt to seduce someone. This will only work if they are your friend. You will learn their classtype if you are successful. [2 Uses]
Your goal is to be alive at the end of the game with at least one Snuggle Buddy.

Insane Snuggler

Neutral Killer
Professional Snuggler (Passive) - You are immune to death, occupation, redirection, and all forms of delayed death.
Cuddle (Night) - Overload a player with cuteness, killing and occupying them bypassing immunities. [Infinite]
rawr xd (Night) - Force someone to talk in the cringy internet roleplay langauge(owo, hewwo, etc) for the rest of the day. If they fail more than 3 times they will be mod killed. This will have however many uses you had when you were Insanity The Snuggler.
Your goal is to kill everyone who stopped you from snuggling.



Neutral Social
Hi, I’m Dad (Passive) - You can try to use as many abilities as you want. You might get too stressed/overburdened if you do though.
Work (Day) - Work at your job so you can get money. You may only use this 5 days out of every 7 days. [Infinite]
Mow The Lawn (Day) - You may only use this 1 day out of 7. Mow the lawn at 6 am in the morning to show you love your family and wake up the neighbors while doing so. [Infinite]
Adjust The Thermostat (Day) - You will adjust the thermostat and prevent anyone else from doing it while “resting your eyes.” [Infinite]
Early Night (Day) - Go to bed early tonight, ending the day earlier by 5 hours because you forced everyone else to go to sleep early as well. [Infinite]
Dad Joke (Day/Night) - Make a dad joke. You can use this at day and at night.
Family Before Work (Night) - Spend time with your family, strengthening your bond with them. [Infinite]
Double Shift (Night) - Work a double shift. [Infinite, 1 night cooldown]
Go Golfing (Night) - Make plans to go golfing with your buddies the next day, relieving stress. Note that your buddies might get a bit annoyed if you ask them too much. [Infinite]
Early Riser (Night) - Get up early today, accidentally waking everyone up and forcing day earlier by 3 hours.[Infinite]
Your goal is to be positive and to support your family as best as you can.




I hate my life.
Named Knight that kill himself N1.



Abusive Dad

Neutral Special
Family (Passive) - Select three players in the game to be part of your family. You will permanently appear as Unseen to all players who check you due to the fact that you are evil.
Work (Day) - Appear as a Blue Dragon would to all Investigation checks. - 3 uses
Alcohol (Day) - Frame target family member. - 2 uses
Woop Woop, Evade the Police (Night) - Prevent all visitors to you for tonight. - 2 uses
The Belt (Night) - Hit your children, killing your targeted Family Member. - 1 use
Xed Sucks (Plunder) - Kill a random Green Kraken player in the game.
Your goal is to beat up your family. See them all die before the game ends



Neutral Social

How do I delete other people? (Day) - Reroll your class with another on the grand idea thread. (Infinite Uses)

Switch into another class that is better designed than this.


Where are the drugs and alcohol?


Named Drunk

btw dad is not a shitty meme character he is a hardworking loving father who just wants his family to prosper

edit: and neither is Insanity The Snuggler


846: Delete This (844)




Physical Representation of Lewd and Yiffness

Neutral Evil
Lenny Face - (Passive) - You must post at least three smutty joke or comment every single day or else you will suicide.
Merry Yiffmas! - (Passive) - You are immune to occupation and visit prevention if you have an anime PFP.
Send Lewd - (Day Ability) - You send lewd to someone else, causing them to be bleeding since they fall down and make their head bleed, they will die in two day unless healed. (2 uses)



No Yiffing in my Christian Server :shield:

Neutral Social
Named Devil that has all furries in the game as targets and must see 3 furries executed.
Unchristian Senses (Passive) - You know every player who is a furry. Anyone who rolled a furry related class is a furry.
These players are automatically furries: Insanity, PKR, Wolfy, Alfa, Luxx, Frostwolf (his pfp came from furaffinity), Cbman.



Delete Delete This
Passive 1 (Passive) - You will always spawn if a Delete This is in the game. You will know who they are and they will be occupied and die at the end of night one, bypassing everything.
Night Ability 1 (Night) - You will turn into the Insane Snuggler at the end of the night. This cannot be used until night 3 and you cannot be prevented from using it. [1 Use]