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Grand Idea FoL - Ashe's Version



Janna’s Cancer

Blue Dragon Social
Passive: You are immune to death once
Passive: You can only spawn if Janna is in the game. Make Janna suicide at the end of N2 if you are alive.



The Outter (BD Social)
Passive-You must replace out D3, the person who replaces you gets mystic but able to use as many night actions as they want in one night.



This slot cannot roll if any characters that are in the fictional game “Super Smash Brothers Ultimate” rolled.

Town Killer

EVERYBODY IS CHEATING BUT ME (Passive) - If you are attacked by the scum faction, you will not die, but instead join the faction that killed you. If you were attacked by a neutral player, you will join their team instead of dying, creating a neighborhood chat between the two of you.
WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH (Passive) - If you are not being egotistical or otherwise a burden on society, you will be modkilled.

You’re Lousy (Day) - Insult a player. You may use AtE against them today with no repercussions. If they mention how you aren’t in Smash, you will die. (Infinite Uses)

You’re Cheating (Night) - Throw a bomb at somebody (they will not be notified). If they do not say ‘no u’ by the end of the day, the bomb will blow up, killing them.

You are a Town Killer. So your goal is to kill town. If all town are dead, you win. But you’re still not in Smash.



Ben Shapiro

Neutral Support
Facts (Passive) - You cannot be attacked by any player, unless they have found a contradiction in your logic.
Epic Gamer (Passive) - Whenever you point out a contradiction in somebody’s logic, or somebody OMGUSing, mark them permanently, revealing if they have dayvig immunity.
Okay, This Is Epic (Night) - Give somebody night immunity and a dayvig. Infinite Uses
Trump Card (Night) - Remove a players dayvig immunity and mark them for 1 day. 2 uses
Get a marked player to commit a big ded i guess



Everyone in-game must post at least 25 posts relating to Fortnite before day 1 ends and 25 extra times before they die, otherwise they cannot win the game , even if their faction wins. Re-roll this slot



King K. Rool except i never actually played a DK game so idk what his flavour could be

Neutral Killer
Gargantuan Gut (Passive) - Death Immune.
Crown Toss (Day) - Throw your crown at someone, silently stealing a use of their ability and giving it to you. You will be informed of what it is. 2 uses
One Helicopter Boi (Day) - Be notified of anyone who uses a day ability on you for this day. 4 uses.
Blundersucc (Night) - Target two players. The first will be occupied, and instead attack the second. Infinite uses.
Literal Slam (Night) - Kill 3 players, sacrificing your death immunity. 1 use.
Win i guess NK goal woo



Little Mac

Neutral Killer
K.O Meter (Passive) - Every time a night passes, gain a charge of this meter. Every time you get attacked, you get a charge of this meter. Every time you attack someone, gain a charge of this meter. If you get 10 charges, you may use the K.O punch. You cannot gain any more charges after the maximum charges.
Champion of the Ring (Passive) - Death immune.
Jolt Haymaker (Day) Attack a player in the day. If they have death/night/davig immunity, this will not kill them. 2 uses.
Straight Lunge (Night) - Attack a player. If you choose to use this ability but attack no one, you may charge it. Charging it for 2 nights will allow you to kill 2 players through death immunity. However, you cannot use Straight Lunge or K.O Punch the next night.
K.O P U N C H (Night) - Kill 4 players. This bypasses all immunities, and you are cannot be killed by any means.
Nk Goal

Do you feeeeeeel the unbalanced within this :^)



Nice Guy™
Neutral Social

ALL WOMEN ARE QUEENS (Passive) - If a female role would die by any means, you will die in their place, protecting them from lynches for the following day. You know the identity of any players with the ALPHA CHAD passive.
"Good Person" (Passive) - Suspicious to investigative results.

White Knight (Day) - Gladiate a player. You may only use AtE against them. (4 Uses)

Raid (Night) - Occupy a player. If they are a Twitch Streamer, they will not be able to vote for the next day. Cannot target the same player twice in a row. Can target the King. (Infinite Uses)

All female roles must win. In addition, you must see all players with the ALPHA CHAD passive lose.


Neutral Support

ALPHA CHAD (Passive) - Immune to occupation and redirection. Whenever you hammer a player, gain a use in all abilities. You will have a private night chat with all other neutrals who have achieved their win condition, including dead ones. You are immune to death during the day to non-neutral attacks. You can use both day abilities in a single cycle.

Weird flex, but ok (Day) - Become immune to death tonight. (4 Uses)
Flirt (Day) - Narrow down a player’s class type down to two possibilities. (3 Uses)

Taunt (Night) - Heal a player. All attacks on them will be redirected to you, and you will be death immune to attacks. (2 Uses)
Assault (Night) - Kill a player. If you would die as a result of this action, you will be notified, and the action will not take place. (2 Uses)




The Mistake

Unknown Unknown
Science Corruption (Passive) - If there is more than 3 factions in this game, you will be able to choose which faction you would like to join, if not, you will be assigned a random faction that is against The Scientist, this faction could be a faction that is not in the game, or is not evil.
No one cares about you (Passive) - If you die at night, your body will not be revealed, you will be soulless, you can not post in the forum at all or do anything to interact with it, you will be mod-killed in two days after this for “not being active” and will appear as a random class of your faction.
Curse of the unknown (Passive) - If you are lynched, you will kill the first person who voted you up and clean their class, you will appear as their class instead.
Untouchable (Day Ability) - Kill up to 3 people voting you, this will also kill you - you will appear as D.VA after doing this, to active this you must say “Nerf This!” - 1 Use… why would you have two… you’d be dead.
Useless (Day Ability) - Choose what Seeking for Justice will do tonight, choose between: Kill Someone and bypass night immunity (1 use), occupy someone (3 uses), check for scientist, (5 Uses, deactivated when Scientist is dead and the remaining uses will go into occupy someone.
Seeking for justice (Night Ability) - Depends on day ability.
Luck of the draw (Night Ability) - You will redraw as another class, you will become this class for one night, if you roll as another faction you are not, you will commit suicide with your class and logs being removed. - 1 Use.


The Scientist

Unknown Unknown
Corrupt Challenge (Passive) - You are immune to the first attack at night.
Paranoia (Passive) - If someone vists you, you will automatically visit them, if multiple people visit you, you will visit your starting target.
Science Corruption (Passive) - You will be given a faction that The Mistake is not in, can not spawn if the Mistake did not spawn.
Tears of Mistake (Day Ability) - Stop talking for a day, you will be immune to being found by The Mistake tonight. - 1 Use.
Lethal Injection (Day Ability) - Lethally inject someone, they will die tonight and can not be healed, they will not be informed - 1 Use
Stalking Presence (Night Ability) - Learn everyone who visits you and learn if The Mistake visited you, will not work if only 1 person visited you and you will gain a use of Paranoid Eye. - 3 Uses
Paranoid Eye (Night Ability) - Check someone, get their exact faction and steal one of their day abilities. - 0 Uses.



Freddie Mercury
Green Kraken :shield: Support

Innovative (Passive) - You cannot use the same reasoning for townreading or scumreading any two players.

Don’t Stop Me Now (Day) - Target player can target an additional player with their infinite use abilities during this night. Their actions will be guaranteed to succeed. (3 Uses)
We Will Rock You (Day) - Remove a target player’s immunities for the night. They will also be immune to conversion. (2 Uses)

Bohemian Rhapsody (Night) - If a player would be voted enough to be executed, extend the day by 12 hours and start a trial. (2 Uses)

Killer Queen (Plunder) - Make two players permanently immune to conversion. If they are attempted to be converted, they will explode, killing all their visitors, bypassing death immunity.



Super Smash Brothers MELEEEEEEEEEE
Town Special

No Items (Passive) - You are immune to bastard mechanics. Also death immune once.

Fox Only (Day) - Convert a player into a Fox McCloud of their respective faction. (Infinite Uses)

Final Destination (Night) - Initiate a rap battle with a player, creating a private neighborhood chat. If you win, they will become a town-aligned Fox McCloud. If they win, you will join their faction if they are scum. (Infinite Uses)


760 (If one slot rolls this, another slot will take its counterpart.)

Michael Jones

Town Killer

Nice Dynamite! (Passive) - You are in a night neighbourhood with Gavin Free (Player Name), who you know is Town. If he dies, you will gain a use of Mogar’s Fury.
Rage Quit (Day) - Directly swear at someone. If they insult you in any way afterwards, they will not be able to target you tonight. [Infinite Uses]
Play Pals (Night) - Defend Gavin Free, preventing conversion and killing his attackers. [3 Uses]
Mogar’s Fury (Night) - Attack a player. If any non-town-aligned player visits them, you will attack them as well. [1 Use]
Town wincon

Gavin Free

Town Investigative

Nice Dynamite! (Passive) - You are in a night neighbourhood with Michael Jones (Player Name), who you know is Town. If he dies, you will gain a use of Follow The Nose.
Gavin Logic (Day) - Make a tinfoil accusing your target, which must be no less than 150 characters long. If your target questions the logic of your tinfoil in any way afterwards, they will not be able to target you tonight. [Infinite Uses]
Play Pals (Night) - Protect Michael Jones, preventing conversion and attacks and discovering the class types of all of his visitors. This does not reveal the names of the visitors. [3 Uses]
Follow The Nose (Night) - Scout a player to see who visits them. You will also learn the visitors of anyone visiting your initial target. [1 Use]
Town wincon



If this slot rolls, re-roll 2 others classes.



Blue Dragon Investigative

Disguised (Passive) - All Non-BD aligned investigative abilities that target you will be framed.

Stakeout (Day) - Learn if the target used a day ability at the beginning of the night. (3 Uses)
Mole (Day) - Your next Ransack will be guaranteed to be correct, and will also notify you if they are a Magic User. (2 Uses)

Ransack (Night) - Determine if the target has weapons. (Infinite Uses)

Classes that have weapons:

  • Prince (execute)
  • Knight
  • Physician (Knives for Procedures)
  • Paladin (Sword in Art)
  • Spy
  • Assassin
  • Enforcer
  • Poacher
  • Cult Leader (For Sacrifices)
  • Any Cult that take Alts from BD classes that show up as positive to the check.
  • Mercenary
  • Sellsword/Fanatic
  • Alchemist
  • Reaper
Magic Users
  • Court Wizard / Variants
  • Chronomancer / Variants
  • Priest / Variants
  • All Members of the Cult
  • Inquisitor
  • All other Neutral Killers



Town Killer

3…2…1 (Passive) - Whenever you jail a player, they must respond with their class in the first 3 hours or be automatically executed.
High Elo Plays (Passive) - All players that become modconfirmed will be modkilled immediately.

Jail (Day) - Jail a player. Target may be freely changed before final target is decided at the end of the day. (69 Uses)

Execute (Night) - Execute your prisoner, modkilling them. You will gain 5 uses if you execute people who are considered confirmed BD. (3 Uses)

You win when all mayors are dead or BD wincon


Deleted for a reason as not a class for this thread.



PGO Rampaging Compulsive Miller Guiltless Macho Strongman Ninja Elite Anytime Vigilante
Bastard Killing

Nerf This (Passive) - If you are lynched, you may shoot up to a third of your wagon, rounded down. All the role modifiers are in effect.

PLUS ULTRA (Day/Night) - Shoot a player, modkilling them and blacklisting them from the dead chat.

You must kill all players.




Wrath of God (Passive) - All players who visit you will be converted into a Mormon. If they cannot be converted, they will be SMITTEN BY GOD. Your presence results in all demonic classes becoming random neutral killers that know who you are at the start of the game. They cannot kill or vote you.
Saving them from their sins (Passive) - If you are lynched, all players on your wagon will have to right a 1000 word essay on why what they did was wrong, or else face a grizzly fate at the hands of a modkill.

Jesus Was The First Person To Revolutionize The T-Pose (Day) - Target player will be unable to make coherent sense when speaking for the rest of the day, due to complete and utter confusion. (40 Uses)

Love Thy Neighbor (Night) - Target two players. If they are of different factions, convert them both into the same one. Can target the King. (Infinite Use)

You must defeat all shitty meme characters.





Rigelian Special

Phantasm (Passive) - Immune to occupation and redirection.
Mounted (Passive) - You are able to use both night abilities in the same night. All Dayvig abilities will be redirected to you, and will have 100% accuracy.

Lock and Order (Day) - Choose a player and lock them up in the dungeon. You and your prisoner can send a single 1000 character message to one another over the course of the night. - oo uses.

Kriemhild (Night) - Exact justice upon your prisoner and kill them, bypassing all immunities. If you kill a Rigelian, you will lose all your remaining uses. - 4 Uses
UUUUUUUUUNNCLEEEEE (Night) - Scream extremely loudly, informing the king of your presence and name. Any player that visits you tonight will learn your class.

BD wincon


Well, that smarts.



Blue Dragon (Very) Offensive

You Can’t Beat Wall Street! (Passive) - If an ability other than your own would force you to lose a use of your abilities, instead gain a use of your abilities. You keep this passive even if your class changes.
Corporate Pirate (Passive) - Ye must speak like a Pirate, or t’is to Davy Jones’ Locker with ye, arharhar! Ye be keepin’ this curse e’en as yer duties change.

Yarr! (Day) - Burden someone with the Corporate Pirate Passive ability. Cannot target the King. [2 Uses]

Say Uncle (Night) - Apply your patented cheese move, the Camel Clutch, on a target, occupying them for the night. If you use this on a target three times, you will kill them. [Infinite Uses]
Manipulate The Market (Night) - Each visitor to you will increase your voting power by one, to a maximum of 3 additional votes. [2 Uses]
BD Wincon


Unseen Offensive (On Vacation, please allow up to 48 hours for a response to emails)

You Can’t Beat Wall Street! (Passive) - If an ability other than your own would force you to lose a use of your abilities, instead gain a use of your abilities. You keep this passive even if your class changes.
Corporate Pirate (Passive) - Ye must speak like a Pirate, or t’is to Davy Jones’ Locker with ye, arharhar! Ye be keepin’ this curse e’en as yer duties change.

Yarr! (Day) - Burden someone with the Corporate Pirate Passive ability. Cannot target the King. [2 Uses]

Say Uncle (Night) - Apply your patented cheese move, the Camel Clutch, on a target, occupying them for the night. If you use this on a target three times, the Assassin will gain an extra use of 2-for-1. [Infinite Uses]
Crash The Market (Night) - Select a target, they and the person they visit will lose their ability to vote for the next day. [1 Use]
Unseen Wincon


Post 768


Neutral Killer

Determination. (Passive) . While you are not immune at night, you will always know how many people there are left before you can acheive your win condition. Should you die, you may revive yourself either 1, 2, or 3 nights later, after choosing what class you flip as… You can reverse time 3 times before you lose. Should you lose, absoloutely everybody else will win, regardless of whether they are alive or not.

i know you’re not a human, but it’d be nice if you could pretend to be for my brother (Passive) - You may join the wolf faction’s chat if you are “converted”, but will not have any abilities. You may choose what class you appear to be to your “wolfbuddies”.

But Nobody Came (Day) - Prevent all visits to you tonight. (4 uses)

FIGHT (Night) - Kill a player. This attack will 1-shot (strongman) against all Unique classes. (Infinite uses)

Kill everyone in this sorry world, and move on to the next.