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Grand Idea FoL - Ashe's Version



Good King, but Decide Fate automatically lynches you no matter who is on trial



Good King, but Guards kill the player they are guarding. This includes yourself of course.



Blue Oyster Cult Leader

Same as CL but replaces the Cult with the Blue Oyster Cult who are the same except they are immune to all Reaper-like classes




Named Masochist. Doesn’t have any abilities.




Alchemist who will be modkilled if they do not make the 711th post on the thread.



The Mathematician

Blue Dragon Investigative
Calculate (Night) - Select a player. You will know what the last two digits of their class number are. (Numbers below 10 will give a 0 to the left, for example class number 8 would give “08” as a result) - Unlimited uses.
Ecuation (Night) - Select a player. You will get the result of dividing their class number by 100, rounded down. - 2 uses.


Post 713

Forum Mafia: HARD MODE


Be prepared (Passive) - You will automatically be executed if you ever make it to trial. You peek as evil to all investigatives no matter what. You are 50% more susceptible to being wolfread (not really).

Last-Ditch (Night) - Kill a player. (1 use)

You win if you are among the last 5 players standing. If you are, then you win and everybody else loses, and marl must give you the title “Literally a God” as a result for winning as this bullshit hard role.


I’m thinking on how Ethereal Mage would work with this wincon
“See Marl lose”
Named Ethereal Mage (17)



The Rogue of Heart

Nepeta - Each night, occupy a player.

All punctuation except “!”, “?” and “,” may not be used. All uses of ‘ee’ must be substituted with ‘33’ and :33 or :333333 in some variant must be used at least once per post.

Alignment is random and converted class is the same



The Sylph of Space

Kanaya - Each night, protect a player from all visits.

The first letter of every word must be capitalized. Otherwise, you may use perfect syntax and grammar.

Alignment is random and converted class is the same



Jazz Killer

Neutral Social
No abilities
If Jazz is in the game you can only try to lynch her and noone else

If she dies you win

If Jazz is not in the game, she is pulled into the game and given a role


Post 718


Neutral Special

Fools. (Passive) - If you are alive on Day 3, the message “You feel a trembling in the depths of your soul. A powerful ability is about to be used!” will be sent. On Days 5, 7 and 9 and so on this message will also be posted.

Tremble Mortals, and look at your true despair! (Passive) - You are immune to death at night. Should you use Godlsayer you will lose this passive

Unchained (Day) - Your kill will become more powerful. The first time you use this, your kill will lose its cooldown, the second, it will become a strongman kill. (Infinite uses, only usable on Days 3, 5, 7 etc.)

Godslayer (Day) - Seal all your other abilities and give the announcement “The Godslayer, Aeshettar has been activated! In 2 days, unless the Demigod is dead, every single non-Demigod will die!” (1 use, only usable on Days 3, 5, 7 etc.)

Cursed Rune (Night) - Occupy every single player and kill a player. (Infinite uses, only usable on Nights 3, 5, 7, etc.)

Slash (Night) - Kill a player. (Infinite uses, 1 day cooldown.)

You win when you are the last person who dosen’t need to survive standing.


719 - Give everyone a random posting restriction from this list:

  1. Can only post in rhymes
  2. You must post at least 100 times a day.
  3. Each of your posts needs to be at least 1000 characters long
  4. You must reference an anime or manga on every post
  5. Each of your posts needs to be written in ye olde english
  6. Your posts must be made of multiple haikus
  7. You cannot use the letter A at all
  8. You cannot misspell any words or make any grammar mistakes
  9. At the end of the day, the first letter on each of your posts must spell an essay on why the emoji movie is the best movie ever made when put together
  10. You must always talk on-topic and dever make any jokes.
  11. You must always talk off-topic.
  12. You must call all players xxx-chan, xxx-kun or xxx-senpai if they are gender-neutral.
  13. You must talk like a pirate.
  14. All your posts must be made of shitty glittery fonts
  15. All your posts should use the vaporwave font
  16. All your posts must use a fancy text generator
  17. All your posts should be #FFFFFF to slay white users
  18. All your posts must be in #222222 to slay dark users
  19. All your posts should be in #3d4147 to slay amber users
  20. All your posts should have gradients
  21. All your posts should be in the amazing rainbow font.
  23. All your posts must have a gradient of some sort
  24. You must post a gif on every post you make
  25. You must have a nyah! or catface on every post
  26. You are unlucky. Reroll this slot and gain two post restrictions.
  27. You must only refer to people using gender-neutral pronouns
  28. y337 m0d3
  29. you must lever use caps lock
  30. All your posts must contain a mispell

Reroll this slot.


Gentle reminder.

The Nooble: The Noble, but every post must contain the word noob or else you will be modkilled. 1 warning. If Isaac_Gonzalez rolls this class, he automatically wins.



The Pencil Sharpener

Brrrzzzt (Passive) - Any player that has a class that has an edit in the Grand Idea thread (excluding this one) is attacked the first night with no way to prevent it.

Improved Model (Passive) - If someone was caught editing (not quickedit), you will attack two chosen players during that day. The day will not end. There is no limit as to how many times this can happen.

Malfunction (Passive) - If someone is accused of quickediting by someone other than you, you will be healed tonight.

Sharpen a Face (Night) - Attack a player. (2 uses)

Goal: Survive.


how many uses? or is this a third passive? why is the night ability in between the passives :thinking:
(yes i am trying to get you to edit it lol)



NeutraI lnvestigate
No One Expects The Spanish lnquisition (Passive) - Your visits are hidden.
Holiest Blessing (Passive) - You are immune to death twice. This will be lost once you achieve your objective.
Preemptive Strike (Day) - If the player you target with Find Magic tonight is a magic user, then you will attack them. This cannot be framed. [2 Uses]
Piercing BIow (Day) - Your attacks bypass immunity tonight. [2 Uses]
Find Magic (Night) - Determine whether a player is magical or not. [Infinite]
RuthIess Efficiency (Night) - Attack a player. They cannot be healed. [3 Uses]
Your objective is to kiII aII magic users.



Demon Lord Zeraxos

PGO Demon (Jerma Rumble)


The formatting of this hurts me. Putting Night abilities in between Passives… ouch.


(Exchange Face, Heels, & Tweeners with BD/Town, Scum & Neutrals respectively. Day Signature is automatically unlocked after Night 3.)

This was my favourite class from my FWF game. Everything about it just… worked.


725 (This is what happens when someone insults my formatting)


(Everything said in parenthesis for 724 under the card applies here and for 726)



Nerbins enjoy getting your posts deleted

Named Pugchemist (488) that may only target nerbins while he is alive and in the game.