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Grand Idea FoL - Ashe's Version



The Litizen with Magics!

Neutral Social
Fire Words (Passive) - While you live, living and dead Litizens can communicate at night.
Magical Pardon (Day) - Make a player unable to be voted today. - 2 uses
Telepawthy (Day) - Anonymously send a single 1000 character message through the host to the a player. Cannot target the king. - 2 uses
Dabauchery (Night) - Force a player to target a second of your choice. (you won’t be immune to attacks or conversion if you force them to target you) - Infinite uses
Link Minds (Night) - You and your target will both be able to send each other two 1000 character messages through the host over the course of the night. Cannot target the king. - Infinite uses


The Jojo reference
BD Social
Named Citizen

Jojo fanboy
BD Investigative
Jojo fan (Passive) - If you are forced to join an anime related discussion by any of the “Weeb” classes, it must always be jojo related or you will be modkilled.
Is that a Jojo reference? (Night) - Check if a player is “The Jojo reference”. - Unlimited uses.


You better make that 686


The player will be given a normal Mystic card. Every message sent and received by Telepathy, Link Minds and Conduit will come out backwards.



The Lynch King

BD King, but while you are King, there are no trials and players will be lynched when majority is reached. Decide Fate is instead:

Decide Fate: Choose a player and accuse them with majority +1 votes. This will cause them to be insta-lynched and end the day. - 1 use

@Ashe you missed five posts in the post I replied to

As well as this



Hamlet Support

Veteran Warrior (Passive) - Immune to occupation. Whenever you lynch a third party player, gain a single use nightvig.

Command (Day) - Make a player immune to conversion tonight. (2 Uses)

Guard (Night) - Prevent all visits to your target. Cannot be used twice on the same player. (Infinite Uses)
Bolster (Night) - Make yourself and another player immune to death tonight. (1 Use)

BD wincon

Stress: 0/200

Stress gains are 10/80 and stress losses are 10/40.

When converted…

Unseen Support

Crush (Day) - If the target is put on trial today, they will be automatically executed. (1 Use)

Rampart (Night) - Occupy a player, and then redirect all visits from you to them. (Infinite Uses)
Enforce - Prevent all-non unseen players from visiting the target. (2 Uses)

Cult Alts!

Fanatical Devotion (Veteran Warrior) - Immune to occupation and redirection. Your visits will not be seen by players. You will keep this passive when your class changes.
Enthrall (Command) - The Cult Leader will be guaranteed to visit their target tonight. (2 Uses)
Bolster - All members of the cult will be immune to death tonight. (2 Uses)


The Hater of Citizens
Blue Dragon Special

Determined (Passive) - Immune to occupation.
Unvanillize (Night) - If a player have one or less abilities, transform them into a random class on this thread.



The Minormind

Unseen Special
Richest of Fellows (Passive) - When you are converted, one random person is converted alongside you. If you are lynched during the day, all Neutral, Nootral, CoI, Country or Faction Name members are converted to the Unseen.
Get G3nied (Day) - Target players becomes a Sage. Can only target people who have said the word “wizard”, “magic” or “witch” today, or people whose nickname has a number. - 2 uses
More brain you (Night) - Anyone who visits you tonight is turned into a Sage - 2 uses



The Replacer

Unseen Support
Multiple Souls (Passive) - Each time someone joins your place in the game, you gain one use of all your abilities and give night immunity for all Unseen members that night. You can rejoin the same spot various times.
Follow WHO? (Passive) - If the Observer tries to target you, they will be redirected into a random target.
Calling Out the Monsters (Day) - Give the Unseen Killers a strongman effect tonight - 1 use.
Devotion (Day) - Refresh the Mastermind’s conversion cooldown - 1 uses.
Shadow Step (Night) - Prevent visits to Unseen members tonight - 2 uses.
Mark of Prey (Night) - Mark a player. They won’t know hey have been marked. If you die, the players die in your place - 0 uses.



Donkey Kong
Dong Special

Leader of the Bunch (Passive) - All of the members of your faction will have their feedback replaced with lyrics of the DK Rap. Your faction will also get additional feedback, such as knowing who they are redirected to (non-invests get equivalent feedback amounts to invests, such as knowing if the player was immune to occupation for Chunky).
DK Crew (Passive) - If you die the crew will decide who the next DK will be. Whenever a member of the crew is killed, gain an additional use of Coconut Gun.

Coconut Cream Pies (Day) - Target player will be converted in two days unless they are healed. Their feedback will be replaced with lyrics of the DK Rap when under the affect of this ability. (3 Uses)

Put your hands together, if you want to clap! (Night) - Convert a player into the DK Crew. They will be able to spend Golden Bananas to bring along some of their wacky abilities. (Infinite Uses, 1 Day Cooldown)
Coconut Gun (Night) - Shoot two players. If they live, they will start hurting and die in two nights unless healed. (2 Uses, shared)

Destroy anybody who would oppose the DK Crew

Successfully Converting - You can join in too!
Failed Conversion - Cmon Cranky, take it to the fridge!
Occupied/Prevented - Walnuts, peanuts, pineapple smells
Redirected - Grapes, melons, oranges, and [player they were redirected to]
Bleeding - If he shoots ya, it’s gonna hurt!
Attacked but immune - He’s bigger faster and stronger too
Death - Aww yeah!
Successful attack - His coconut gun can fire in spurts
Attacking immune player - She’s quick and nimble

For Chunky (Invoker clone)

Successful occupation - Can make a Kremling cry for mummy
Unsuccessful occupation - Can pick up a boulder with relative ease
Successful redirection - Makes crushing rocks seem such a breeze
Unsuccessful redirection - He may move slow, he can’t jump high

For Lanky (Apostle clone)

Pull Forth - Th-This Kong has a funny face
(Resetting conversion cooldown) - He has no style, he has no grace
Literally every other ability - HUH

For Tiny (Ritualist clone)

All of your feedback unless aforementioned is “Quick and Nimble”

For Diddy (Seeker Clone)




Stunned onlooker

Blue Dragon Investigative

Passive: You are told which non-BD classes were rolled in the game and how meany of each there are.

Goal: Blue Dragon wins


Gib number.


If this slot rolls, another slot will be guaranteed to be Donkey Kong if there wasn’t already one.

Diddy Kong
Dong Investgative

Barrel Jetpack (Passive) - Your investigative abilities will always give correct results.
Second in Line (Passive) - You can step up to be King before anyone else. You will become the next Donkey Kong before anyone else.

He’ll make you smile (Day) - Replace a player’s feedback tonight with random words from Rick Astley’s Together Forever. (2 Uses)

With his Pistols Out (Night) - Threaten to shoot a player. If they refuse to give you their class, cap them in the head. Let’s just hope they aren’t faulty (1 Use)

scum wincon

If you feel like having a bastard mechanic, you can have this ability when refused kill Diddy.

Golden Bananas - 2.

When you are converted into this class or are the starting Diddy, you may take 2 abilities of any BD-Aligned investigative class in the Grand Idea thread of your choice.

You will have access to cult alts as well.



The Knight of Blood

Karkat - Your vote counts as two.


(Although because the forums hates all caps, you must add a short lowercase word at the end of each post, separated from your main post by a line. Or just some other random filler text will do too.)

Alignment is random and converted class is the same



The Maid of Time

Aradia - Know the exact flip of every dead person. Once per game, you may receive one 50 character message from a dead player of your choice.

Before receiving a message from a dead player, must substitute all ‘o’s with ‘0’s. After receiving a message, the typing quirk and modkill punishment is removed, and you may type with normal syntax and grammar.

Alignment is random and converted class is the same… wait a minute. I need to remove the alignment thing since it’s useless



The Page of Breath

Tavros - Once per game, you may become a dead role.

Before becoming a dead role, must type so that the fIRST lETTER oF eACH wORD iS nOT cAPITALIZED aND aLL sUBSEQUENT lETTERS aRE. After switching roles, gains the typing quirk of the new role.

Alignment is random and converted class is the same



The Mage of Doom

Sollux - During the day, you may add players to your neighborhood at the start of that night, and choose players to remove from your neighborhood at the end of the night.

All ‘s’s mu2t be 2ub2tiituted with a number ‘2’ and ‘i’ must be 2ub2tiituted wiith ‘ii’. All attempt2 two u2e the word2 “to” and “too” mu2t be 2ub2tiituted wiith “two”.

Alignment is random and converted class is the same



I know the entire words to the DK rap

Dong Aligned lonewolf citizen that must post at least one word that is found in the DK Rap everyday



If this slot is rolled, another slot will be guaranteed to be Donkey Kong if there wasn’t already one.

Tiny Kong
Dong Support

Quick and Nimble (Passive) - You can use all night abilities you have in a single night. You are not limited on how many you can have at once. If you ever use more than 5 abilities in the night, you will die. Don’t go too fast

Shrink in Size, to Suit Her Mood (Day) - Prevent all visits to a target Dong of your choice. If they are jailed, they cannot be executed. (1 Use)

This Kong’s Got Style (Night) - Give yourself a night ability of your choosing from the Grand Idea thread. The ability cannot be allowed to convert, kill in any way, or occupy players. (Infinite Uses)

Dong Wincon

Golden Bananas - 2.

When you are converted into this class or are the starting Tiny, you may take 2 abilities of any BD-Aligned support class in the Grand Idea thread of your choice.

You will have access to any cult alts as well.



If this slot is rolled, another slot will be guaranteed to be Donkey Kong if there wasn’t already one.

Chunky Kong
Dong Offensive

This Kong’s so strong, it isn’t Funny (Passive) - Immune to death. Your killing abilities cannot be stopped by any means. Disable this passive after being visited by a player.

He’s Here for You (Day) - Mark a player for death. If you are not dead in two days, they will die bypassing all forms of protection. (1 Use)

:clap: (Night) - Occupy or Redirect a player to a chosen target. If you have other abilities that occupy or redirect, they will empower the opposite effect in this ability, allowing it to bypass immunities. (3 Uses)

Dong Wincon

Golden Bananas - 2.

When you are converted into this class or are the starting Chunky, you may take 2 abilities of any BD-Aligned offensive class in the thread.

Otherwise, you can take a NightVig ability with one use for the cost of two golden bananas.



If this slot is rolled, another slot will be guaranteed to be Donkey Kong if there wasn’t already one.

Lanky Kong
Dong Social

This Kong has a Funny Face (Passive) - If you are executed, replace all players’ feedback for the rest of the game with lyrics of the DK rap.
He Has No Style, He Has No Grace (Passive) - If you are the starting Lanky Kong, you may allow the implementation of up to two bastard mechanics. WotM is in effect.

Huh! (Day) - Die. Or do you? (1 Use)

Just for You (Night) - Add a random bastard mechanic to the game. (Infinite Uses)

Dong Wincon

Since you have no style nor grace, you cannot gain abilities from Golden Bananas.

Non-bastard version takes away HHNSHHNG and JFY, but can use Golden Bananas to gain abilities.



Noble, but Pull Rank secretly makes all votes on you count as two.