Grand Idea - Dead Chat

Sulit is here.
DatBird is here. I forgot about him.

o/ sup.
Rip, btw

ah jeeeez that sucks ):

I mean, at least you can still communicate through me, yeah? Bounce ideas off eachother?

Honestly wasn’t expecting that. That seems like a really bold push for Hj whatever to make as scum, but then again it’s good for scum to hunt for the likely neutrals in this game. I think scums in the people that sheeped off you or weakly pushed you. likeee Kai?’

Sorry for not listening.

nani? what is this?

OP has been edited. Bird has not died and is another deadchatter.

Hey Sulit, how u doing?

Whose dead here and who isn’t?

@Possessed sorry my dude, legit the fact you werent answering me made me convinced. You are the only dead, me and Sulit both speak to the dead

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Ah ok. Its fine, I just wish more people realized I was in my town meta.

Like I can bring ya back

I am well, how are you fellow half - dead

If I had seen it before I might have been more leniant :confused:

We’ve got a nice club here, eh


doing great

If you want to that’s on you. Wait and see who gets killed tonight before making that call. I can communicate through here.

Well im here only at nights and its a night ability to bring ya back so it either I do it tonight or I bring ya back tomorrow night

I’m here always and forever

You’re stuck with me <3

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How does your bastard mechanic work Dat?

Well both of you since I’d imagine it differs.