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Godcard [Lore and Information]



Unless you want me to set the world against you.
This thread will record all important lore and information about the RP.



A mysterious group that spread the godcards all across the world. They proclaim that their single goal is to repurpose magic back into society.

The leader is only known vaguely as someone with a businessman vibe. They sent agents to help the cardholders start their journey in magic.

After five years of inactivity, Olympus Group sent out Godcards once more.
Current Project: Godcard Project

Olympus Agent


Free Agent

A group of ex Olympus Group members that is determined to help Godcard owners. Currently using Olympus Library as their headquarter.

Albert Descourt (Neutral Good)
Currently living in Olympus Library. An agent well versed in the matter of mythical creatures.

Muriel Descourt (True Neutral)
The legal owner of Olympus Library. An agent well versed in the matter of spirits.

Isaac Black (Neutral Evil)
Currently living in Olympus Library. A professional thief.

Miria Black (True Neutral)
Currently living in Olympus Library. A professional hitman. Legal owner of Elf Stationary Shop and Delphi Magic Shop.

Peter Sithapelthik (Lawful Neutral)
Currently living in Olympus Library. A scribe who has studied magical phenomena for years.






Deceased spirits that lingers on Earth instead of going over to the afterlife.

Ghost: Spirits with unfinished business. Only think about said business. Can be found normally in cemeteries.

Vengeful Spirit: Spirits died in battles, holding strong grudge. Able to project resentment and hatred. Found at battlefields.

Poltergeist: Spirits with strong attachment to a certain location. Able to move objects in the location. Unlike other spirit, they can’t leave their place.

Unique Ghost: Spirits possessing certain talent may turn into ghost outside the mentioned categories.

Mutated Animals

Animals exposed to magic may gone through mutation, making them more verocious by nature.

Direwolf: Mutated wolves. They are similar to the extinct Direwolf, yet they figure are bigger by a head. Has incredible durability, but otherwise similar to normal wolves.

Feral Cat: Mutated cats. They possess amazing strength and agility and able to scale buildings. They are solitary creatures. Extremely territorial.

Horned Rabbit: Mutated rabbits. They are as large as a golden retriever. Peaceful, but will attack if they feel threatened. Has a low sex drive compared to normal rabbits.



New York High

A private managed school sponsored by government. Provides education for children between 5 until 18 since it was built.

Olympus Library

A huge library originally built by Olympus Group. House thousands of books important for cardholders.

Rose Bar

A bar owned by Alice. Located in front of Olympus Library. Has several pool tables and provide board games for nerds.