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Godcard: Another Time [Roleplay Thread]


@Whammerist @Polikshadowbliss

“The exact limit is unknown, but during the last appearance of Godcard, Beijing went into a lockdown for a week.”


Yami leaves the rose bar and heads out into the streets


“Why? Surely the cards were first gen then?”


Yami begins to wander the streets looking for something to do


@Shurian @Whammerist

“Ah, but card generation increased with time. Beijing boasts a high population density, much like New York. The officials, despite all of their effort, couldn’t control everyone.”

“The same thing could happen here. Although, government’s respond was a bit slow compared to other countries… Now! Any questions?”


Shelia shakes her head as she ponders.


@Whammerist @PolikShadowbliss

“Then the class is dismissed, and see you next time.”


@Whammerist @PolikShadowbliss

Shelia gets up from her seat, knocking over her chair as she stands up.


She proceeds to leave for the bowling alley…


Tanner goes to leave as well. He waves down Shelia.
“Hey… you wouldn’t happen to be a cardholder as well? You seemed really interested in the cards, is all.”


“Yeah, definitely one myself. A pain, really. The powers seem nothing more than a restriction for me.”

Shelia grumbles.
From what you see, it’s a young teenage girl going through her rebellious phase. About age 14?

((She’s age 17 going 18 but blame her growth stopping due to a growth deficiency))


“Oh, well… neat!”
Tanner mumbles under his breath.
“What’s the criteria for getting these things, anyways…”
“Are you going to be, like… alright? This is New York, where are your parents?”


“My parents? Wha-”

Her left eye starts twitching.

“What is going on in that head of yours huh? Looks don’t mean everything about me you know!”
She crosses her arms.

“If you didn’t know, I’m actually 18 this year!”
She grins nervously.

((Technically 17 because her B’day isn’t here yet.))


Tanner smirks, on the verge of laughter, but then seems to hit a realization.
“So that’s the power of your card, then? Makes you appear young?”


“My power has nothing to do with my appearance! Its when I sing tha-”

She gasps and keeps her mouth shut. Only to open it again.
“Gah! You don’t need to know that!”

She grumbles to herself.


Tanner shines a light from his hand.
“All I’m looking for is more information on this stuff, is all. Anyways… if you’re sure you’re gonna be alright… the lady was talking about cards being stolen…”


Shelia sees the light and sighs.

“Well… just don’t tell anyone of the card I have. I just want to live a life free and easy, without any worries.”

She stops, before saying.
“I’m Shelia. What’s your name?”


“Name’s Tanner.”
He almost extends his hand to shake hers, but hesitates and retracts it.
“Stay safe, alright?”


“I’ll be fine. Worry about yourself.”
She smiles. Before setting off.


Misty sets off without a word to the rest.


Oh, its good to be home! David says, arriving home from camp
(can someone please link me to the news and other stuff that would be visibly apparent upon driving into the city?)
he texts @MaximusPrime: “Hey, just got back from camp ((literally)), figured id let you know”