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Godcard: Another Time [Roleplay Thread]


Turns back to the person “Our group is the Midnight dance”



The receptionist nods.

“Your number is 96. It’s still around five hours until the show start. Come back later in the evening. Next!”

The masked man goes up. He fills in the form, and when it comes to pick a name…

“Register it Saviour Angel.”

“A bit into cosplay, sir? Your number is 97.”

The receptionist chuckles and calls the next person forward.

Looks like you have free time until later in the evening.


the midnight dance go off to practice

so what is our act gonna be?


“Side effects, stolen cards… all sounds a little ominous, not to mention like a nightmare interaction. For the victim, of course. So…what’s the best way to level these babies up? Hit some form of… new generation?”


“Well I dance while Midnight dances with me and does a few tricks”


pets midnight secretly activating my power alright midnight dance

Midnight begins to dance with grace


“Cute, this can work”


Yami abruptly exits the library with the necro Necronomicon in hand


@Shurian @Polikshadowbliss

“There is no concrete evidence of what makes a card gen-up, however it is generally accepted thst using the card in daily life will eventually result in an upgrade in genersation.”


Peter and the receptionist look as he leaves, but quickly continue their business


“Level ups… One power at one time… Those bore me. What can those cards potentially do anyway?”


Yami sits down at the rose bar


A bartender walks up

“Need anythin’?”


“I’ll have a cup of Water”


The bartender hands the water and sees the book

“Ah, went over to the Library, eh?”


“Yeah, just wanted to do some reading, yah know?”


The bartender nods

“Oh yeah, the godcards reappearing has caused more people to go there, it’s been perfect, new customers for us…yay…!”



Yami finishes his glass of water

“How much for it?”


The bartender chuckles

“For free my student friend, say hello to the library’s folk for me, they’re nice.”


The director answers the phone

“Ah, Agent Viper.”