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Godcard: Another Time [Roleplay Thread]


well I look foward to seeing what you are able to do.


J: Yo! Are you free to play some (insert game here)? And if you are would you like to test my new game afterwards?


T: Uh, yeah!
T: Wait, new game?


J: It’s called Fusion Madness. It’s a sequel to my first game, Fusion Frenzy.
(ik thats a game already shhhh)


T: I see, then…
T: :Let’s play!!


They play for an hour, then go over to Joe’s house and play some more.
J: What do you think of my game?


“My costume simply allows me to dance better”

(BTW Ritika and Vashni are going to preform together if you didn’t see the before thing, I mean unless there’s a problem with that :P)




He shrugs.

It’s Ritika and Vashni’s turn.

“Please fill in your name, or group name if you enter as a group.”

(It’s finee)

@PolikShadowbliss @Whammerist @Shurian


Kath claps her hand once to gather attention.

“Since no one else seems to be coming, I assume we are ready to start?”


Shelia sits down on her desk, placing her hand on her cheek and elbow on the table.

“Just start already, if people are late that’s their problem.”


Kaden finally finishes his paperwork, and goes to call the director.


@PolikShadowbliss @Whammerist


She takes a marker and pops off the cap. She writes something on the whiteboard in big letters.


“Now, I assume everyone here owns one? It doesn’t matter if you don’t, or if you don’t know what that is, as everything will be explained here.”

“A Godcard has the picture of a figure on it. Either a figure of legend, or mythical realm, but only one figure will be on it. A Godcard gives power to its owner, and the owner becomes able to use magic. However…”

Kath turns to everyone.

“Do you know that the power can be stolen?”


Shelia is wide eyed taking in the information.

“Stolen huh…”
Completely ignoring the other two.


@polikshadowbliss @Whammerist


She nods.

“For all good and bad reason, Godcard is the source of power for Cardholders. If the card is stolen, the power shifts in ownership. It is confirmed that stolen cards also work, but side effects aren’t known as of yet.”


“Side effects? Cool!”

“Then what about those cardholders whose cards are stolen? Do they have a way to regain their powers? And do the thief gain all their powers?”


Yami searches for the necronomincon in the Olympus Library


“I was already aware of this. But are there rules and what are the side effects?”


@Shurian @Whammerist

“If there is side effects, they are currently unknown. It’s hard to find Cardholders willing to participate in experiments.”

“What is known, even if one owns more than one card, only power from one card can be activated at a time.”


so Ritika what is our group name gonna be?


“Midnight dancer?”


I like it