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Godcard: Another Time [Roleplay Thread]


J: “Did we manage to recover any?”


“There was one ancient sword that was left behind, but it’s still in the cave.”
Eliza turns to Peter
“Do you know anyone that can fix this sword?”


J: shocked by their sheer stupidity “Are you crazy?! What dumbass left it behind for those psychos to take it back!We need to go back and get it immediately!”

J: “Oh, and I don’t think the sword will be very useful if it couldn’t protect them either. Well a weak weapon is better than none, right?”


“I am no exotic dancer! Like I’ve said I am simply a dancer”


Peter shrugs

“I would need to see the sword”


“… I would like to use the sword to defend myself, but okay.”
Eliza gives Peter the sword


J: “. . .Does no one care about the artifact?”


“No, no. I said that about the ancient sword my dear. I don’t know anything about a rusty blade if I can’t study it…”


Peter shrugs
“Lucifer and Eliza told me they were stolen… the gods will judge them, not us…”


“Oh… I guess we have to go back to the cave?”


Addressing the Receptionist

“Hello, I’m sort of, new to this library, could you give me a brief run-down of its contents?”


Peter nods

“If you want to know what the sword is… I’m afraid so…”


Typing something on the computer, the receptionist then looks up and smiles

“Magic and mythology. We here like to give the people the option to learn what other libraries refuse to publish!”


Joe sits and his desk, programming a game he wants to make. It’s called ‘Fusion Madness’.
J: Aight. I think I’ve done enough for now… time to go to Toby’s!
He goes to Toby’s house and rings on his doorbell.


Addressing the receptionist

“So what are the types of books that are offered in this library?”


Receptionist: “All kinds! I am quite sure that you can find whatever you’re looking for!”


Toby opens the door.
T: Hey!


“What other things can I find in this library other then books”


Receptionist shrugs

“Might want to ask Peter here. she points at Peter


Yami walks to peter, falsely seeking information in order to disguise himself as a good person

“What can I find here other then books?”

Yami states to peter



“With that kind of costume? Yeah right. Also, I’m here for the money. What else, fulfilling desire of exhibitionism?”

The queue moves forward. It’s almost Rikita’s turn.