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Godcard: Another Time [Roleplay Thread]


so what is a angel doing here?


or should I mention the other title that was given to you?


she says in a lower tone Lord of death I believe is what the grave keeper called you when you turned him into some sort of ghost


“Oh, sure. How long will it take?”


J: “Woah guys, slow down a bit. What happened on your side of the forest? And is that a sword? Looks kinda weak.”


“We found the cave but some people stole the artifacts. This sword was owned by a knight that tried to kill us.”


J: “Uh…”

J: slowly “Okaaay”


“Wait a minute… I could just study the sword and make everything much faster.”


Peter nods

“You’re learning well… do it.”


Eliza studies the sword confident that she’ll get information


She can see that it’s made from regular steel, and then she sees a vision… she can see the knights walking with the statue, in the 1600s. Seems like the swords have been passed on.


J: approvingly “A human encyclopedia.”


“This sword has been passed down through generations to protect the cave. They have succeeded until now.”


Jay scoffs.

J: “Using swords in the age of guns? Without any special powers? Ridiculous.”


“Like I said, this was used by many knights of multiple generations. It’s not unexpected for it to lose its luster over time.”
Eliza stares at the sword with amazement


“Call me speculative but they did bring a sword to a gun fight. I doubt any amount of luster could’ve made up for that.”


J: “I’m sure there are many ways to improve or fix weapons. It’s their own fault for not looking after their tools.”

Jay looks at Peter.

J: “So what do we do now? I heard there was an artifact found?”


Peter frowns

“The artifacts were in that cave… probably why the knights were protecting it…”


“Those knights did have a symbol though. A sun shaped symbol, I recall.”


“Indeed, here, I’ll show you.”
Eliza grabs her notebook and a red pen to draw the symbol she saw in her vision