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Godcard: Another Time [Roleplay Thread]


“It’ll be fine”


lets sign up

I get in line with Ritika

can I get free drinks at the bar after this?


Misty immediately rouses herself awake.


(dont you just hate it when a piano is taking up all your pocket space)


(it was a bag)


“Nah, they aren’t that expensive anyways”


Tanner looks up, smiles at the teacher, and awaits further instruction.


Shelia runs into the class, slamming the doors open, hoping she made it in time.


Kaden is in his office, writing a report to send to the director.


Nat just stands there awkwardly not saying anything


Yami knocks on the Olympus library door, for he is seeking information about the godcards, and how strong and powerful that he can be with them. He seeks to find the optimal way to use these “godcards” in order to help his ulterior motivates


Peter looks at the sword

“I’ve seen the markings on the sword before… yet I can’t recall what they were… mind if it stays here? I could study it”


As he opens, he could see a receptionist, and 3 figures talking to an older person


Jay walks into the Olympus Library.

J: slightly peeved “Sorry I’m late Peter, I got held up by the police. David and I found a dead body of some woman at the forest. What did you guys find? And who’s this new guy?”



“…oh, you again.”

A man wearing a plain white mask approaches Rikita.

@PolikShadowbliss @Shurian @Whammerist

“Sorry for the delay, does anyone need to leave before we start? Bathroom, maybe?”


Peter looks concerned

“Must be one of the many…at least you are alright, Jay…”


Shelia finds a seat and sits down. How many people are there?


just you, Tanner, and Misty. Weird. The class is on the news, but only three people are there.


what are you doing here?


“Is this going to take long?” Shelia asks, hoping not.



“Not your business. You’re really an exotic dancer, huh?”

@Shurian @Polikshadowbliss @Whammerist

“No, no. Just a short workshop followed by a question and answer session. But…”

She looks troubled.

“The number of eager participants…”