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Godcard: Another Time [Roleplay Thread]


looks around to see the mood of the crowd


suddenly gets an idea and pulls Vashni aside


HEY. what are you doing?


“I have an idea and the line can wait. Okay so: how about we make an act together?”


mmm why?


“Because you want the prize and I have no use for the money”


really? you don’t want to split it?


pulls her farther away from the crowd “I live a comfy life already, I have my dance dress and my dancing shoes there’s nothing else I could want”


well if I am right you are a great dancer. I am able to do all sorts of tricks with midnight


what kinda of act can we do t ogether?


“Can midnight dance?”


Vashni nods


he repeats it, noting sadly that she cant hear him


“Then I can do a dance routine with Midnight, and you can incorperate some other tricks into it”


Vashni pulls out a few things to perform tricks with

what do you suggest?


“Some thing with ribbons or music”


thanks for the ride man. alright, see you in a bit!


pulls out a small paino

my original act was for her to play the Piano


“That can work”


well so much for being rivals guess we are partners now