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Godcard: Another Time [Roleplay Thread]


Since no one saw Lucifer put the sword in the trunk, he lies:

“The sword is still in the cave, used against the knight.”



Peter looks interested

“Stolen by a group… huh… What else did you see?”


“We saw this giant statue with a lot of knights that were shot. The group that stole the artifacts must of killed them.”


so Ritika do you have any clue where to find the place to sign in?


Tanner sighs, and looks down at his phone. How long had he been waiting for the class?


“Nope, not at all, follow the crowd?”


Probably the best choice


Misty closes her eyes and puts her head between her arms, bored. So bored she even stopped doing her hair.



Ritika and Vashni see a sign up desk nearby, the queue there is quite long


Peter: “Shame… We were too late… I would like to see the forementioned sword though, it would be rather good for us!”


@Whammerist @PolikShadowbliss

The teacher walks in, closing the doors. She walks in front of the class

“Welcome to magic school! We will be teaching you everything we know about godcards, magic and what they could do!”


looks around to see if anyone familiar is in line


All she can see is Ritika, and a handful of people. She doesn’t seem to see anyone familiar just yet


gets in line


Eliza shows Peter the Knight’s sword


(Lucifer hid the sword so you don’t have it)


(That’s the ancient sword, my sword is different)


Shit @MaximusPrime im sorry to leave you here but i need to go.
i need to pack, because my mom’s taking me to a summer camp for a while
(ill be gone this week, and i dont want him on auto)


J: “So what’s she saying?”


Jay heads back to the Library with David, after being delayed by the ambulance.


Slides in line with Vashni