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Godcard: Another Time [Roleplay Thread]


“We don’t have anything to fight with”


“Peter might know who they are but we’ve got nothing else.”

Lucifer starts walking back.


“We do actually. We have swords and guns. Finding them will be the hardest part however.”


“You’re crazy”


“I’m not crazy. I’m just trying to do the right thing.”


Lucifer arrives at his car, and places the sword in his trunk. He closes the trunk waits for the others there.


Nat arrives at the car

“Mind giving me a ride?”


Lucifer replies:

“Sure, get in.”

Lucifer unlocks the doors and he himself gets in the driver seat.


Nat gets into the nice stranger’s car :3


Lucifer rolls the window down and asks Eliza:

“Also need a ride? The bike’s gotta be tiring.”



Julia looks at the YouTube notification that popped up on her computer. She likes to keep up to date with her grandson’s channel, so she watches every video he watches. She is his only viewer. After watching the video, she takes a long hard look at her card. She thinks for a while, then decides that she is not suited for a godcard. She puts hers in a box and decides to live her life without it.
(goodbyee julia :wink:)


Eliza worries about getting another ticket, so she goes in the car


Lucifer turns the engine on and drives towards the library at 62.1371 miles per hour and drives 31.0686 miles towards the Olympus library, taking approximately 30 minutes and 48.28 microseconds.


@PoisonedSquid @Boopydoop
They arrive to the library, the protestors seem to be gone


Eliza sighs in relief and enters the library


Nat enters the library


Lucifer enters the library and looks for Peter.


@Daericul @PoisonedSquid @Boopydoop

Reading a book, Peter notices the trio and smiles

“Welcome back! Where are the others?”


Lucifer replies: “They got held up. As for the artifacts, they were stolen by a group - driving a Volkswagen T5 - before we got there.”


“However, we found a sword that used to be engulfed in flames. Not to be confused with my sword that was from a Knight that we had to kill.”