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Godcard: Another Time [Roleplay Thread]


“You can try.”


“That’s right.” hands Eliza the bullet


Eliza studies the bullet hoping it’ll give her clues


She sees a vision not far from the past, in this cave.

???: “Are you sure?”

???: “They don’t call me the best for nothin’! These babies can penetrate anything.”

She can see the sniper shooting three knights at once, penetrating through all of them


“The bullet was part of a gun that killed three knights very recently. Those bullets can penetrate anything.”


“That’s one strong bullet, and rifle. Anyways, there’s not much more here, and I’d like to see how the other two are doing. They should be here by now. You guys coming?”

Lucifer walks out without waiting for an answer.


Toby walks outside, humming.


Kaden follows Lucifer.


“I guess I have no other options.”
Eliza follows Lucifer and Kaden with the Knight’s sword in her hand


Nat follows the group, she’s visibly uneasy


@Icibalus @Boopydoop @Daericul @PoisonedSquid

Assuming Nat followed too, the group arrives back to the cars

@Simon @MaximusPrime

The spirit keeps repeating “I’m sorry”, while they can hear the sirens approaching


The group hears the sirens, but can’t see the other two.

“None of us called the cops did we? Let’s head south and find them.”

He continues southwards.


“I didn’t use my cell phone this time. I’ll scout the area.”
Eliza gets on her bike and heads further south


She can see the ambulance and police car approaching


“Maybe we should head back and say the shit got stolen”


“And let those thieves keep those artifacts that can harm others? No way!”


Lucifer nods.

“Agreed. Let’s get back to the cars then. We won’t find the thieves.”


“And how do you plan on stopping armed criminals?”


“By fighting back! That’s what we are meant to do, right?”


“And how can we fight them if we can’t find them?”