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Godcard: Another Time [Roleplay Thread]


“So… who were those men outside? How do they have the budget for full metal prosthetics but not a more expensive van? And why were they trying to steal the relics?”

Kaden sighs

“We need to figure out what the hell’s going on with these cards. I can’t handle this all by myself.”


“I don’t know, and unless you’re able to find a Volkswagen T5, we’re not gonna learn much either.”

Lucifer walks out of the room and searches for any more relics that the people didn’t find.


There doesn’t seem to be a lot, seems like the group that was here beforehand did a full sweep already. The only sighting is the statue in the middle of the room


He then starts searching for any clue on who the group may have been.


“Wait, the tire tracks from before must of been from the van. I’m sure they left more tracks when they escaped. We can follow those and get the artifacts back.”


He can find a pistol bullets, and powerful unknown sniper bullets. Along with a few bandages dropped


He picks up the bullets and bandages and returns to Kaden.

“See if you can get any prints from these, and maybe a description of the rifle. I doubt many can afford such powerful rifles.”


Kaden examines the bullets and the rifle. He thinks. Does he know about the Rifle?


Eliza looks for any possible tire tracks


He can’t find the rifle, seems like the person took it with him. The bullets look really unknown. They even look like selfmade


She can see tire tracks heading out of the cave, they head towards the same route that the others came from


“I’ve never seen bullets like these before. They appear to be home-made…”

Kaden checks the bullets more thoroughly.


“This might just be the Olympus Group’s doing. If I recall right, the library isn’t affiliated with them anymore.”


They resemble like bullets from a CheyTac M200 Intervention, but slightly different.


“We’ll know who this group is connected to if we follow the tire tracks.”


“They’d lead off to a main road and we’d lose them there. Maybe his FBI buddies can get some satellite footage, but I don’t have much hope otherwise.”


“So, they look to be like bullets from a CheyTac M200 Intervention, but they’re strangely different… I think the group behind this made the bullets themself so they wouldn’t be detected at the store…”

Kaden turns around

“I can’t get enough reception to call HQ. Looks like they’re gonna get away.”


“It seems that we’ve lost them then. Say, where are the other two that went the other direction?”


“That might be worth checking out after we’re done here…”


“Do you think I’ll get more info if I study a bullet?”