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Godcard: Another Time [Roleplay Thread]


In the dark of the night, a motorcycle zoomed down the street. A figure clad in a black tuxedo could be seen riding it. On the side car was a woman with shoulder length blond hair with bright red dress. Though their clothings was more suited for party, the couple drove away from the centre of New York, entering a suburban area.

The motorcycle stopped in a quiet neighbourhood. The streetlight dimly illuminated the two figures and their motorcycle. They took off their helmets. From the sidecar, the woman passed a brown package to the man, before running off toward a house. The man ran off to another house.

They put the package on the doormat. They hurriedly ran back to their vehicle before driving away. After they made a turn and started toward a busier area, the woman in the sidecar fiddled with her phone and called someone.

“Miria here! Package delivered with darling Isaac! No complications. No witness. Darling, out!” She closed the call and sighed in relief.

“This is fun, right, Isaac?”

The man in tuxedo, Isaac, grinned under his helmet.

“Right, Miria! We were like super express mailman that deliver message filled with hope to everyone!”

“Like Stallion Express of the past! Isaac, you are a genius!”

“Let us celebrate by kidnapping a teenager from their home and teach him how to drive! Imagine the father’s pain of being unable to be the one teaching!”

“More evil than the Boogey Man! Let’s go!”

The couple nonsensical conversations made perfect sense to them. As they made a U-turn and drove back into the suburban area, their actions that night had triggered the start of a new era.

An era that rebirth was delayed by five whole years.

The era of magic.

Godcards once again enter human society, seeping with magical power that was the remnant of the past. Olympus Group has claimed that its sole objective is to repurpose magic back into society.

What entails such desire is yet to be seen.

The roleplay will start on Friday morning where your character found a package filled with a Godcard and an introduction card from Olympus Group about the purpose of Godcard.


After a night full of studying so much that she passed out, Eliza wakes up on her bed in her dorm room. She moans and stretches as she tries to get more energy. She changes into new clothes and is on her way to get breakfast from a local coffee shop. When she opens the door, she sees a package and opens it


Lucifer entered his building of residence as the sun rose, a hint of blood on the left cuff of his suit. He was not a man that would allow himself to be insulted in a bar, and putting a person in their place was something he was happy to do.

As he approached the door to his abode, he found a package waiting on the mat. He picked it up and entered his apartment.

He opened a drawer of cutleries and took his knife out, opening the package.


Kaden wakes up. After going through the classical openings of a morning, he sits down to watch the news. It’s not often a senior FBI agent gets an actual honest-to-god day off.

He looks to the right of his sofa, at the door of his studio apartment, and notices a package poking through the cat-flap


*The content of the packages are similar: A black card and a white card.

The blacl card has a figure symbol on it with its name written under the symbol, with an ‘I’ symbol on the bottom left corner.

The back of the black card is filled with a phrase, followed by an explanation of the phrase

The white card is a business card, with Olympus Library written in fine print on it. An address and open service hour is written on it.


He picked up the black card with the figure of Satan and glanced at it. Sighing, he put the card back, thinking it was some stupid trading card and went to fix himself an omelette for breakfast.

As he opened his fridge and took the plastic container for the eggs out, he noticed a slight disfiguration, where his hand had been. He thought it was weird, but then noticed it had the imprint of his hand.

He looked at his palm, noticing a slight red glow.

“What in the…”

He rushed back to his card and looked at it, turning it over and reading aloud:
“Palms of the Underworld: The cardholder holds the ability to increase the temperature of their palms to 50° C for one minute at a time.”

As he finished reading, the red glow from his palms faded.

At a loss for words, he put the card into the inside of his suit, and picked up the white card. He read the address and the opening times. He checked the time on his smartphone, and compared it to the open time.

Is the library open?




“Hmph. What the hell is this? Ouranos…?”
“I don’t have time for this kind of shi-”

Kaden suddenly freezes, as if a thought came to him

“Olympus Library…”

Kaden walks to his computer, with the black card clutched in his hand He begins a search: “Is Ouranos a greek god?” The screen reads:

“Ouranos is the greek god of the sky, commonly known by his name of Uranus…”
followed by a Wikipedia link.

He turns the card over. It reads ‘Sky Affinity - The user’s physical strenght increases the higher above sea level they are.’

“Are they seriously saying…?”

Kaden looks around his room for a heavy object.


“Nngh…” Shelia awakes. For some reason, she felt exceptionally lazy today. She glances over at her clock, noting a Friday.

“Well… Fridays are always fun, so lets get on with it!”
She hops off her bed… and starts off with her daily routine…

She is prepared for school, and sets to go outside… and as she opens the door, she kicks against a black box.

Huh? What’s that?
She surveys the contents… and the idea of magic existing? Hah! Prespotorous!

Gotta get to school. Let’s keep this card… I’m feeling lucky today!


After spending about half an hour dragging washing machines up and down the stairs to the roof, and noticing how lifting it gets easier the higher he is, Kaden concludes the the card must be either genuine… or it’s the placebo effect.

He goes back to his computer, and after entering a series of passwords enters the files he’s classified to see while at home.

“I remember hearing something about Olympus Library…”

A file comes up on his screen: ‘Olympus Foundation - Rumors about something called “Operation Godcard”’
The rest of the file is classified

“Damn. Well, I suppose I’m going to need to get special clearance to view the rest…”

Kaden tucks the card into the inner pocket of his blazer and sets off to the FBI office a few blocks away


Waking up early in the morning, Jay gets ready to go to his morning swim. When he opens the door, he notices a package and opens it.

J: “That’s odd, I thought they didn’t delivery early in the morning. What’s this… A Poseidon card? Is it some sort of prank?”

Jay puts the black card down and looks at the business card.

J: “Olympus Library… I’ve heard of the place. I’ll go check the place out after school.”

Jay pockets both cards.


Eliza picks up the card containing an image of the Greek goddess, Athena. There laid a description, but she doesn’t have time for that, she has to go get breakfast before her class starts. She rushes to the coffee shop.


“What do you mean we don’t know anything about it? You’re telling me that we heard rumors of the existence of magic and DIDN’T act on them?”

The director sighs

"Viper, we heard a lot of bad signs about that. However… if you’re saying that you received a card with a symbol of a god on it, we have no reason not to investigate.

You’re in charge of this case. Find out all you can about the Olympus foundation and then report back to me. That is, after you’ve had your day off."

“Fine, sir.” Kaden leaves the office and goes to the shops. I wonder if I should go on a walk around the city today, he thinks


Vashni luna wakes up and to her surprise her parents hand her a package. she opens it to find the business card and black card. whats this? Bast, the power to control cats

“well I have nothing else to lose”

Vashni touch’s her cat commanding it to roll over which it does to her surprise.

“it worked?”

remembering she heard something about cards that are magical she searchs up god cards on the internet


Eliza enters the coffee shop and stands in a line that’s longer than usual. She sighs and stares at a nearby table with a cup of coffee on top. She looks directly into the cup hoping to get a sip of it soon. Suddenly, her mind gets flooded with the history of the substance and the ingredients for it
“Coffee grew naturally in Ethiopia according to Carolus Linnaeus?! How did I know that?!”
She realizes that she’s at the front of the line and orders a cup of coffee


within 1 minute of starting Vashni gives up

“work, I go to school to work no willing do homework in my spare time, speaking of school I should go.”

she kneels and pets her kitty. “expect a nice feast for when I return”

Vashni gets on the bus and heads to the coffee store


“Well, it’s never too early to start a job.”

he starts muttering under his breath

“I can assume that others have received a black card, otherwise I’d be contacted personally by a member of Olympus… So, I’d better be on the lookout for anyone with a black card in their pocket…”

Kaden is walking past the cofee shop, and looks through the window.
He sees Eliza. and looks down to her pocket… he sees the edge of a black card

“well… what are the chances.”

Kaden walks into the cofee shop.


As Eliza takes a sip of her coffee, she glances at a man staring at her
“Um… hi… why are you staring at me like that?”


Vashni enters the coffee store


“Sorry, just something I’m wondering about… Does that card in your pocket depict a god?”


“Uh… yes, it does. Why do you ask?”