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Godcard: Another Time [Interest Check]


No spam like this please, just makes it harder to count the people who are interested


Gone from 10th to 17th but I’m downth once I get backth


I’m going to China on the 15th so I won’t be able to talk when I’m on the plane(10+ hour ride -_-). And then I might not have as much activity in the 3 weeks that I’ll be there.


I mean

Cthulhu is not even allowed


That’s what I thought :confused:


Yeah. You need actual myths, not fictional myths.

Never thought I would say fictional myths.


I’m planning on using a Norse god, you have to guess what it is :wink:


Norse is nice

Norsk Pantheon is more war oriented than Greek or Egyptian or Indian


Yeah, you can always join later if the RP happens to start a bit before. No rush!






Is it too late for me now or…


Never too late to say sorryyyy

(Nah, just started. Feel free to join!)


Welp, let me read all of the stuff first~