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Godcard: Another Time [Interest Check]


but please. no alignment chart


I-I did notice this! Not that I totally didn’t notice! B-Baka!

Baka baka baka baka!


Alignment 3x3 will be used for the sake of attunement.


but what about a 5x5?


We decided to get rid of the 5x5 we had because it is optimal to go for 3x3 this time.


so you want to rp as marcus again?


Oh fuck it



No steal card

Nu uh


what are you talking about dama?


That whole time Fade takes Marcus card stresses me to no end


then make it impossible for cards to not be used by anyone but there card owner. that would discourage stealing them and open up chances to rp other stuff


Interest piqued.

Mabel Winterhart may come back. After all she was already in hiding.

And this was the RP where Misty White was introduced. So hell yes!

I also plan on a third character.




I might do this, I do have an idea for a character based on my favorite god (Won’t tell you yet ;))




No, I’m not using him again, I’m trying someone different