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Godcard: Another Time [Interest Check]


As mankind grew ever more arrogant and progressed towards enlightenment of the mind, rather than the immortal soul - the mysteries, miracles, and magical phenomena of the old times died out. Supernatural and paranormal events became scarce. The ancient Gods lost all meaning and power.

Past Jesus Christ, you never saw any more demigods.
Past the late 19th century, you never saw any more mages.
And past the second millennium, you don’t get to see even spirits or ghosts that often.

But this is no longer the case.

Recently, you received a black card addressed to you from the mysterious Olympus Group. The card had the name and portrait of an ancient figure on it. Anything from Zeus, through King Arthur, all the way to Heracles. What was important was what happened after you touched it. You felt energy brimming and soaring through your body. And before you knew, you had the powers associated with that figure.

You thought that demigods, mages, ghosts - all these paranormal phenomena weren’t true. You were wrong.

That’s the gist of it. Your character would receive a card from Olympus Group, a group whose goal is to repurpose magic and revive the mysteries of the Old Times, without interfering with the scientific progress of the modern era. This led to the Godcard Project, which continued to create the Black Cards, each one attributed to a mythological figure. Babylonian, Greek, Roman, Celtic, Slavic mythos. Gods, Heroes, Demigods, Mages, Tyrants.

The cards grant magical power associated with that figure to the user. A Card of Zeus lets the user throw lightning and summon clouds. A Card of Czernabog lets the user shape darkness into a tangible form. A Card of Merlin lets the user gain magical potential and knowledge. And so on.

This RP will be semi-structured, with the power level controlled by a system. more details of the card below:

Black Card
  • The cards are compatible with any user, but they can only evolve in the hands of one attuned to them.

  • The cards will first be given to attuned users.

  • Attuned users are ones that personality-wise, come close to the figure that represents the card. A user of the Satan card will be evil, whilst a user of a King Arthur card will be a heroic idealist. Straying too far from the card’s ideal may cause the card to change owner.

  • As an attuned user utilizes his card, its generation will rise. The higher the generation, the greater a card’s connection to the figure it symbolizes. A 1st Generation Satan card user will be able to completely control his emotion, while a 15th Generation Satan card user will be able to summon a small city-wide form of the apocalypse described in the Bible.

  • The 30th Generation is the maximum level of power a card can have. These are legendary cards in their ultimate form. A Zeus card-user on this level could bring about a global lightning storm that causes massive nation-scale damage.

  • Cards will evolve when you ask the GM (me) for permission and have his approval. You can decide what new powers it will have by PMing or asking the GM at the thread, but the GM must accept all new powers the card will have. Once such powers are approved, the CS must be edited to contain them.

That is all for now. If enough people show interest, I will open Signup.
The main goal is up to you. Is your character a tyrant that want to rule the world? A benelovent hero? As long as your character gets along with his card, the possibility is endless!

Sooo this is a Reboot of my first Roleplay, Godcard. For those who joined the original Godcard, something caused all Godcards to stop functioning. People went back to their old life. Until, after five years of inactivity…

Five Years Ago

7 AM News:

The sighting of an explosion of unknown source was reported in the North Pole this morning. Though no one has been hurt, this had started a heated discussion between scientists. Some suggest that the explosion is linked to the surge of magical phenomena around the world.

On another note, magical phenomena has started to disappear. As sudden as its appearance, reports of magical phenomena has decreased with an amazing rate.

Testimony of a Godcard Owner Five Years Ago

It happened instantly. On a Tuesday. Godcards stopped working. All of them. Us who had more than one tried, but none of them work. We went back into hiding. Those who had high generation weren’t so lucky. Most of them died by bullet. Captured by officials. We don’t know what happen, but one thing was clear.

The power we gained was taken as easily as it was given.

We were like gods. Lightning out of thin air. Superhuman strength. Premonitions. It was like a beautiful dream while it last.

What Change?

  1. I have a co-host. @Monkke. Praise the God.
  2. Generation power has been scaled down.
Godcard Power Scale

PERSONAL LEVEL: Power has limited effect on the world, primarily affecting oneself and extremely close proximity.
Gen 1
Gen 2
Gen 3
Gen 4
Gen 5

ACTION LEVEL: Power is able to affect the outcome of an interaction. Mostly street level power.
Gen 6
Gen 7
Gen 8
Gen 9
Gen 10

BATTLE LEVEL: Power can affect the outcome of a battle. A battle is a fight consisting between 1-25 people.
Gen 11
Gen 12
Gen 13
Gen 14
Gen 15

TACTICAL LEVEL: Power can affect the outcome of several battles at once.
Gen 16
Gen 17
Gen 18
Gen 19
Gen 20

STRATEGY LEVEL: Power can affect even a larger scale than Tactical Level Power.
Gen 21
Gen 22
Gen 23
Gen 24
Gen 25

CITY LEVEL: Power can affect the fate of a city.
Gen 26

REGIONAL LEVEL: Power can affect the fate of a region.
Gen 27

NATIONAL LEVEL: Power can affect the fate of a nation.
Gen 28

CONTINENTAL LEVEL: Power can affect the fate of a whole continent.
Gen 29

WORLD LEVEL: Power can affect the fate of the whole world.
Gen 30

  1. As I mentioned, there is a five years time gap between this RP and the previous one. If you want to bring back an old character, please PM me or Monkke.

Godcard: Another Time [Out Of Character]

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