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Global Forum/Discord/Game/Meta Rules - Please Read First


Almost everything is language related in these rules. :man_shrugging:


We are allowed to swear too. Just keeping the amount of swear words low or not too hostile.


You can swear you just can’t swear at people right?

So you can say “last night what a fucking shit show” but you can’t say “your fucking shit at this game”.



Yep, I guess…

Not too offended toward people.


I don’t think I could manage a no swearing rule lol


General swearing at the sky is fine, swearing AT someone (correct example above) is NOT ok. Using racist/discriminatory language is not fine.

“f–k, that game was awesome/sucked” – sure.

“f-- f–ckity f-- f–hat f–!” – No (Remember - keep it classy. Swearing too many times in 1 sentence sorta defeats the feeling, doesn’t it?).

“F-- YOU!” – no (targeted + caps spammy).

TL;DR: Keep it pg13-ish


What about targeting people in a nice way

“You’re a fucking genius” or “that was a fucking brilliant play, [name]”


I’m guessing it would be ok?

This stuff is reviewed case by case right?


Lol what had to happen for rule 23 to be created?
A no swearing rule would mean I’m fucked :S glad that was changed.


Will it ever reach to rule 34?

(no anything)





  1. Dupe accounts? Not permitted. If our BOTs or mods catch you, your alt will be deleted and the primary will likely receive disciplinary action.


I’d assume there are exceptions of course
Like SFol19 of couse, but I do have a question. Will pre-existing alts be prosecuted for existing like new ones now, or only if used?


Special Permission for specifically SFOL19 like I said in the thread
And also like i said in the thread the alts will be terminated upon it’s completion


Well of course
I was referring to other alts people may have that they got before that rule, i.e. when it was technically allowed to make/have them, if discouraged


6/27/2018 - spam, while always including SPAMMY ALLL-CAPS, now specifically mentions this.




Im not going to do that. I apologise
Leave the spam to Firekitten


I see spam someone shoot him down.


This will most likely go unanswered but is it allowed to do a “joke/evade” prefix? (like i43- or something that is different but relatively similar from the shield emoji) is that reportable too?


No you