Give all players 10 hour key for the game to share with friends

I am not the dev, I don’t know how the game is doing, but from the perspective of a player like me, it looks grim.

I have noticed that allot of people, who don’t know the genre (didn’t play TOS or anything like that before) don’t even bother to try it because of the presentation (indie complex game + bad graphics compare to AAA titles + chat based game), when someone gets temporary free access to a game that he sees as a pay to play, they would give it a try even if it doesn’t look amazing to them, I believe that if we give partial access to players, it would be a great way to increase the community.

I think this is allot better than a free weekend solution or free to play solution since it doesn’t ruin the playerbase (the new players will not come at once like in a free weekend so they will be surrounded by veteran players which can show them how the game is played [if you look at a full free to play like TOS, any queue other than ranked is a shitshow since most players are new and frankly don’t care about the game]) as well as, since the new players are friends of veteran players they are likely to accompanied by them and be taught how to properly play.

It won’t solve the problem completely but it will give the game some boost it desperately needs.


ToS stopped being free-to-play a while ago

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I know but it’s situation didn’t change much, the community is still among the worst.

The good thing about the paywall is that it filters out the little kids and casuals, what I am suggesting is giving the existing playerbase an option to let their friends (who are very likely, no little kids) try the game, therefore giving the game for free for limited time to a selective crowd to try it.

Edit: forgot to quote you.

Still works as a historical example

I think it works even as of today, the game was free for a while and the crowd that owns the game today are the same free to play crowd, and still today you can see that the community is just terrible.

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I have three keys here right now, you could have it if you want to.

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Nah, not for me, my friends don’t want to try it even for free sadly.