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GIF | Turbo (Closed for now)


Their can be more then 8 players but I don’t know if I’ll get enough sing ups.
Game will start a hour after all signups unless I’m asleep.


Factions Like Unseen or Cult, or if a group that knows each other will have both night and day chats.

Days last 10 minutes.
Nights Last 5 Minutes.
Note: it may take a little to process all actions but I’ll try to be faster then sonic)

All classes come from this and are randomly rolled, if 8 players there can only be 1 Bastard class, if there are 10 or more players their can be 2, I may reroll a class if it’s game breaking or something that will break the game.


  1. No game throwing, Throwing will get you black listed from any Gims I host (Mainly throwing on purpose.
  2. Be Kind and nice and stuff, This isn’t meant to be toxic I understand joking and swearing is allowed, keep it cool though and try not to be aggressive towards people.
  3. AFK, Just post once or twice a day and try to be active has this is a Turbo I cannot find a replacement like sanic.
  4. No quoting my private messages, you may share your results and what happened to you just don’t quote me or make a fake quote.
  5. Don’t talk at night unless your class allows you to, I trust everyone to be mature.

8.Margaret (If they are able at the time)

Note: There can be up to 16 players but it’s highly unlikely.

I’ll ping people to be annoying soon, if you don’t want to be in don’t reply and ignore my annoying pings.



/in for now

ping me on discord when it fills




Damn only 2 joins so far?

Might wanna start pinging


Please game throw in my game and join

Pings are gonna go out in around 15 minutes I also posted it on discord just now


I wont join until I know when exactly it starts because I have to watch my cheesecake and make sure I dont burn it


Alright, I’ll ping you when I get 7 players it will start a hour after I get 8

if you want anyway


K thx


You can stop doing that now

The game’s over




mentioning “cheesecake” duh



I actually make cheesecake


That’s what they all say


Alright pingus time


@Lightsin @astand @psychoneirik @Meteoro @mathblade @eevee @H_Hjasik @BlueStorm @Geyde @Firekitten

Sorry if you don’t want to be in here call me a jerk

Also anyone feel free to ping others that might be intrested.


You are a jerk


Sorry I’m a sellout.


This is sad




Join I love you