GI Turbo - (2/7+)

G! Turbo! - Wazza Edition

Average Rules.

  • Game starts if we get enough players by 2020-09-03T21:00:00Z - It won’t begin earlier/later unless players need it to.
  • Days are 15 minutes. Twilight is 2 minutes. Nights are 5 minutes, unless I’m a failure and extend it.
  • Early day actions will be processed during the day, late day actions will be processed during Twilight, due to me being a failure once more.
  • There can be more than one King, but only a King election will take place once there are no Kings remaining.
  • I’m on PC, so don’t have mercy, feel free to make me want to die.
  • The amount of players are infinite but there must be at least 7 players.
  1. Amelia
  2. Intensify



  1. ATNoName

There is no line for classes until the game begins.


how many botc jokes will roll is the question

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Nvm, /Out

/informed spec

won’t be avaliable then I don’t think sry


I am I late?

Nope, it starts in an hour and 37 mins.

I doubt we’ll get players tho, but might as well try.

Gonna can this because of lack of interest and I’m extremely tired.

I really wonder when I can host a GI Turbo again, it’s hard trying to host at an active period.

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wazza has doomed us all