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Get rid of Allies


I framed as Fool after claiming CW and being suspicious then get Allied as Social

Get rid of the fucking Allies

They are bad

They ruin the game


If you got alliesed during frame as social

It’s an EK


Allies is bad regardless of this specific interaction.


oh no, not this again





Another complainey complainey thread that doesn’t provide a suitable alternative. :eyes:


Any non-investigative ability is a suitable alternative, I have posted ideas already (as have others). King having investigative abilities is so bad that literally any alternative would be “suitable”, except in the view of those who prefer the click-a-button-to-win over the social aspect of the game


Now now. Blanket statements like that are almost always going to end up being wrong


You’re right. We should give King the Prince’s Jail.


No. We should give the King the ability to directly kill the MM/CL as GK and Prince as EK.

Not targeted either. Just push the button and they instantly die


Any serious alternative would be better