General FM Strategy Thread 2.0

Post your FM strategic questions/tips here

Have you got a strategy you’d like to share? Looking for tips on how to improve your play?
Here might be a good place to put it.

hopefully this thread won’t die as quickly as the last one.

Is it possible to Improve my game and keep my current playstyle at same time

Even if your playstyle outs careless wolves you do realise nobody actually listens to your reads as intelligent possibilities very often, which really nullifies a lot of your potential as both allignments.

Sometimes when I’m playing a game I don’t check my PM so if I’m scum I can act townish.

Not sure if this is that good of strategy tbh as you could accidentally push you’re scumbud…

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10/10 strat

Don’t do that. Not knowing what allignment you’re playing is HELL for actually trying to win the game as wolf.


You might get read as village for it, sure, but it’s giving up a ton of you and your team’s options, and in addition it’s not really in the spirit of the game.


It’s not like villages get mislynched

Well does pretending I have a town’s win con in my head as scum work :thinking:

No because you already know your buddies

If you’re playing wolf, you have to play wolf, not just a facsimille of a villager.


I’m going to keep this a mostly serious thread in regards to rules violations.


Is this fine with you?

I think it’s important that we have a clear strategy thread without much fluff, so sure. That’s not to say that Quality Memes™ or activity is banned, merely that this thread should not veer as widely off-topic as most non-gamethreads normally do


Well how would you describe your own play style first?

How to not s l a n k as wolf

That’s not playing forum mafia wtf


We literally ask you to type confirm so you read your class card


This at least explains why htm always confirms in-thread even when explicitly told to post it in-rolecard.



How to play towny as town?