General advice on how to play Roles that are not usually aligned with with Blue Dragon

My #1 favorite classes have to be The Neutral Killers, Starting Non-Seeker Non-CL cult, And Court Wizard with a butler.

How I Play the non-BD classes that I just mentioned:

D1: Meh
N1: If you’re in the cult, tell your Cult leader that you’re outing as Maid tommorow. Do other Neutral Killing things if not
D2: Out as Maid, with a matching pair (If you’re in the cult, you may want to hold back for now with confirming your cult leader) Most likely, everyone will more or less not care and avoid investigating you because that would be wasting time and more importantly, look suspicious.
Try and Vote for role. If you’re in the cult, this step can be easier. You want as many claims as you can to determine your plans.
N3+: Deploy evil tactics
D3+: Lead the court, always posting your logs daily. If there’s a scorned, you can confirm them and help them win. If you’re in the cult, you can make your fellow cult members look good.

Avoid matching from a D1 neutral and avoid matching to a D1 neutral. Maid is the least confirmable class, but you should make people think that the louder and more open you are, the truer your words are.

Log formatting is important. I typically write maid logs as such:

[Name] - Maid (Or “The Maid”)
Starting: #

N1 - MM [(Starting)] - (Someone) (Match!) (or Occd, if you were occd)
N2 - MM [(Someone)] - (Someone else) (Match!) (or occd)

If you were occd, just put the last number in brackets as your match for that night.

Ok my children, post your secrets

Mine is personally prince.

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for Marshal

step 1: be sherrif
Step 2: Act BD but be out of the spotlight
Step 3: converted to marshal
Step 4: Profit

For Poss:

Step 1: name yourself after a class
Step 2: Fill your logs with said class
Step 3: Jump as said class
Step 4: ???
Step 5: Profit

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A real guide which I wrote on discord for one of my top 3 classes is this one.

Marshal’s Scorned Guide :marshal:

Step 1. Choosing a target

Look for d1 alchs or mercs

Disguise d1 alchs as nk. Sorc or poss are my picks, because reaper game is discovered easily. Disguise d1 mercs as sellsword. Common merc claim, and sellsword has merc-like abilities so they can’t be confirmed

Step 2: getting target 1 executed

Claim princess, and “flirt” your target as k/o. Call the alchs nk and mercs sellsword. With no other substantial leads, this will be upped.

Here is where I use trollbox: once they are upped, tb them to say “why am I this unlucky!”
Push for the exe, using the classic phrase “if this is real, just exe me”

80% of the time, you get the exe off.

Part 3: the second mark

Now you’ve gotten a d2 mark and are more or less confirmed. This 2nd mark is more up to discretion. My ideology is that it’s better to push a claim itself instead of guessing who will be checked/exed(as sus people are likely to be jailed/mercgaurded).

The mark 2 strategy I like is framing an unconfirmed support as S/I. Chronos are especially easy to get exed if you call them S/I, as chrono is a common mm/cl game

This strategy poses less major risk than some other strategies. People who just mark sus people and never push with a lead don’t often win. The framing d1 neuts as k/o works far better than framing a rando as unseen/cult. If you get the game type wrong, you lose. Frame the prince, or someone who happens to be confirmed? You lose.

This strategy is low-risk, high reward

it’s about a 65-70% winrate and I can pull my data to show


“StatsStartClassScornedPlayCountWIP”: 18,
“StatsStartClassScornedWinCountWIP”: 11,
(61% wr)

Scorn stats and that’s factoring in newbie games.
I win about 70% of the time now

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I always claim Phys as Alch, and Alch as Phys, for no special reason