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Gatequest (Another CYOA Game)


I ask if they have a giant ass sword available




They direct you to 3 swords, a big one, one shaped like a giant ass, and one made from the flesh of a giant’s rump, ew.


I ask how much the last one is.


It costs 1 dollars, unfortunately you have 0 dollars.


I pretend like i’m just not interested in buying it and stroll of to find some money
(How do i get money)


You think to yourself that money is often exchanged for goods and/or services.

You have no goods, but you could offer a service.


I do the service, no questions asked


You don’t know what “the service” is, you really should ask yourself a question, such as “what service will I do?”


I ignore the question and do the service.


its an action


Not according to the gm


I beg for an apple at the roads


You receive an apple and add it to your inventory you mean pocket


I wonder if there is any way for me to learn magic


You wonder aloud and someone hears you, he puts his hand over your mouth and takes you aside before speaking in hushed tones

“Magic? Who told you about magic?”


“Uhhhhh, the Grand Council told me?”


“The what?”


“This apple”
I bring the apple out of my pocket


“A talking apple?”