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Gatequest (Another CYOA Game)


You say to the cave where noone is except you


oh reeeeeee


we’re all inside of @Geyde’s head


I go back to the town


You return to Darstead, you see a trail of blood leading from close to the gate to the guard hut


I peek the hut’s window


You see the blinded guard being treated by a nurse, it’s clear your old body was disposed of


I shout out very loudly a catcall and run


The guards are confused, but they’ve been trained not to respond to something like that

so they don’t


But it was only to the guard I flirted before
let’s boost his selfsteem up


You have run away


Ok now
What’s on this town





Lots of wolves I mean salesmen


Say hello to a salesman


Tell the salesmen you checked one of them last night as wolf


use your infinite amount of clones to kill every person in that village merc

trust me it’s a good idea

my ideas are never bad for me





And I ask what they have for sale


They wait for what seems like 7 days, 8 hours and 3 minutes before telling you they sell whatever you could want.