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Gatequest (Another CYOA Game)


I flirt with the Guard


I throw the pocket sand into the guard’s eyes


The guard seems taken aback at being flirted at by this scruffy looking person of indeterminate gender, he is confused, then suddenly his eyes are full of sand


I hurl the blinded guard onto the ground under the gate and close the gate on his neck


the gate closes sideways so you sort of just push him a bit with the gate, two more guards arrive to see what’s going on


I tell the guards that i’m not the criminal they are looking for


the blinded guard tells the new guards that you are, in fact, the criminal they are looking for


I swiftly kick the guard on the ground in the testicles and repeat
“I am not the criminal you are looking for”

with a jedi-hand-wave


Guard 2 punches you in the face, yeowch


I say “hit or miss”


She says “hit” and punches you again, owie


“guess you never miss huh”


Both guards begin repeatedly punching you

in fact you die of punches


You wake up in the cave again, except you feel different, like you’re in a new physical body

You conclude that your spirit is so determined to open that gate, that it created a new physical form

You wonder why your spirit didn’t just float through the gate


I still feel the pain of punches even after death and rebirth

My Phantom Pain

Roll Metal Gear Solid 5 Credits


You do indeed

You conclude that, as death is very painful, you should try and avoid it when possible


While the fight gone on, I closed the gate.


while the fight was going on you were being beaten to death


“but I didn’t do anything”


we are the same person