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Gatequest (Another CYOA Game)


I stop for a moment in order to gather my bearings. I look for any signs of the presence of the thing that attacked the wolf.


You see nothing

Well, you see a bear, but it seems to be dead, so basically nothing


I’m skeptical about it being truly dead, but I continue on my way to Darstead.


You reach Darstead after having a lovely time not being attacked by bears, or wolves, or salesmen


or wolf salesmen

I check my surroundings


You see a gate to the town, don’t worry though, this one is already open, beyond the gate there seems to be some sort of marketplace


I inspect the gate and see if it bares any resemblance to the one I first encountered


It does not


Try to recall what the gate in the cave looked like. (features and such)


After that, I walk into the marketplace


It looked big and locked.

You see people selling all sorts of goods


@Boopydoop you missed me doing the wess dance.

Do I open it or no


that is not an action that is a youtube video


I am in front of the gate, staring it. Which cardinal direction I’m staring at?


Is this what they mean by ‘Gamergate’


You are in Darstead, you stare back at the town gate for some reason


I try to open the town gate.


It is, in fact, already open

because you walked through it


I close the town gate so monsters won’t come in


you attempt to close the gate, but a town guard stops you