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Gatequest (Another CYOA Game)




Do I have pockets?


You check.



Captchalogue Pocket Sand

Store a bit of sand in my pocket for emergencies, then head off toward the town in the distance.


There are 2 towns, you use your newly remembered powers of reading to read the sign to see that they are called “Cragholm” and “Darstead”



I’ll head toward Darstead.


No, Cragholm


You head towards Darstead, on the way you encounter a travelling salesman


@discobot roll 1d2


:game_die: 1


Am I relatively skilled in interpersonal engagements?


You don’t remember


I ask the salesman about what they have.


The salesman bares it’s teeth and stared you down, it seems to have been wounded from a hunt before, but could definitely kill you if you have it the chance


Sorry did I say travelling salesman I meant wolf





How wounded are they?


It has several large gashes in it’s side, and it’s front right leg is lifted off the ground, indicating it has been limping


I slowly back away from the wolf, heading back on my way.


The wolf slinks away, seemingly glad that it could avoid a confrontation