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Gatequest (Another CYOA Game)


(this is in off topic because I don’t think it really fits anywhere else)

You stand before a big gate, you can’t see through it as it’s not that kind of gate. You don’t quite remember how you got here, or who you are, but you are certain if one thing, you must open this gate, even if it kills you.

What will you do?


  1. No Name Given - Began Gatequest in Post 1, died in Post 95
  2. No Name Given - Began Gatequest in Post 95, still alive


I climb the gate


You fall off the gate, ow


Am I on the other side?




I search for something near that can help me open the gate


You see an inscribing on the wall, if only you could remember how to read


I want to remember how to read /s


You remember how to read! The inscription says “you need a key, dumbass”, how rude


I go around the gate


I search for a sharp stone and risk the “dumbass” part



You find a sharp stone, wow pointy


It is edgy*


wow pointy


I touch the stone by its not pointy end


I knock


cold, smooth, stoney

no answer


I see if there is anything unusual for a gate in this one


Do I get magical powers if I say an incantation while holding the stone?