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[Gamemode suggestion] The Twinning


Post the card plz


Dark soul has only limited amount of convert


“Can start off evil”


wait a evil warlock still wants to kill the light soul so they need to remove the bond anyway




should probably give a reason for the souls to not claim in the thread, because right now they are automatically expected to claim and face a thunder dome


This reminds me of this



okay. Because if they both claim souls, Warlock will end the game quickly. This is why:

**Warlock will either be Good (35%), Evil (35%), or Neutral (30%).



if light soul claims, warlock then removes the bond. However then no one would ever touch either of them and just allow the light soul to kill the dark soul using the ability


Ah. This is the warlocks ability though;

Warlock (Neutral)

Blue Sparks (Passive) - If you are killed, your attacker will become the Warlock. A Soul cannot replace your class, so if a soul kills you, no one will be the Warlock. If lynched, a voter will become the Warlock.
Harbringer (Day ability) - Learn if a player is a Soul. Results cannot be prevented or changed by any means - Infinite Uses.
Split Personality (Night ability) - Select a player found by the Harbringer ability. If both Souls are selected, their bond will be broken (2 uses)


The abilities remain the same for all faction warlocks, except that evil Warlock is death immune and Good has a one time use death immunity, as well as changed goals.


What that means is even if Souls were outed, they could kill the Warlock and win.


(Oh yeah. What about if both souls are attempted lynched, they will both randomly die?)
This means that people could probably kill both and win.


Which one?


Err… RNG?


pulls out metal bat


Fine, first voter.


Err. So… you all hate it?