Game is dropping in numbers time for a BIG CHANGE

my ideas
after this big patch
make tol free or $2
add tos equivalent of scrolls to pay for a better chance of the class you want,
make the new graphics update the (big one) a paid dlc that may be able to run along side normal game,
increase gp costs - to push buying gp
alongside your version of scrolls so people don’t have to play the characters they hate or have a less % and dc and pay for what they want to get a higher %,
i know you don’t like this this way,
but tos still get 6k online at any time,
and make a decent amount of cash probably more than you do now,
the player base is dropping a LOT,
i know you don’t like the tos concept but changes need to happen,
i would pay for a graphics overhaul so it only affects the client side so we can still play with the non dlc players.
i love the game but cant stand playing it the way it currently is.
it needs a complete overhaul on the business plan in my view to generate the playerbase and money, to support the devs and the game with future updates.
the path we are currently on is not working - ITS DIEING
i know you have huge plans for throne of lies in the future but you won’t have a player base on your current path to show what you have planned dylan, we have spoken before about what you want to do, but people won’t get to see this great overhaul you have planned on the current path,
Social Deduction games have a small following that consists of toxic / salty egomaniacs they won’t like to admit it but its the truth, and trying to increase the moderation of these people is killing the entire following of social deduction players.

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It’s this part i agree with especially.
This game currently has a very small following, with no signs of increasing. The amount of banning/suspensions makes sense for a much larger game like ToS, but this game can’t sustainably keep this up for longer than say a year I reckon. To me it’s like a vicious cycle

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The numbers drop 5 players

I wholeheartedly agree how beneficial this can be, but implemented slightly differently. Linking the above from an earlier discussion on this. Simply, allow every player to have a preference ranking over all classes that can spawn and take into account anything that does not clash. For example if a Mystic rolls and 15 players have that as their least preferred option and 1 player has that as their most preferred option, why on god’s earth would it not be appointed towards the one that prefers having it? Putting it behind a paywall is still debatable however, but this would be immense QoL regardless of that. It also is a goldmine for data analysis on current enjoyment of the various classes, easily indicating sore spots in imbalance/bad class design.

I don’t think allowing more toxicity is a good road to go.

I myself would imagine the dropping playerbase is because of stagnated balancing/new content that is not QoL, but it can also be promotion/marketing or the like. Honestly, no clue.

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Wont this make people read you based on name by your last classes

The thing is that preferences are rarely as stark as the ones I outlined and giving an illusion of more control and agency is already big for the psyche. If metagaming is too much of a problem for you, anonymize your name/outfit. Also preferences wouldn’t be public knowledge on your profile or anything, so you can just lie about them too.

The class distribution is also a secret atm and yes you can run 1000s of games to estimate it and theoretically you can do the same things for personal player preferences if they keep the same ID tag, but practically you really can’t. Especially because here they get mixed with usually different players in a game.

I don’t think players should be able to influence what class they roll at all, not even in the slightest bit.

Everybody has favorites, everybody has least favorites. If I never had to play Pretender again, I’d be happy. But that simply isn’t how it works.

I understand your logic but being able to have a slightly higher chance to roll Alchemist or something isn’t going to make me want to play the game more. Probably the opposite, in fact.

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Because the knowledge that everybody has an equal chance of rolling the same classes every game makes the experiences of rolling less enjoyable classes less frustrating.


scrolls are dumb

Imagine pardoning Priestess because she claims Alch, and she loves Alch, so she has a bigger chance for being actual Alch.


Treat Pete kindly, boys. It is for him I ever started playing ToL at all.

Problem: Playerbase is dropping
– : Changes need to happen
You are however only suggesting money-bragging changes instead of anything that would make the playerbase stop dropping.
So all suggestions are… invalid.

As towards the scroll thingy (which isn’t linked to the problem but apparently people like debatting about it), I would only like to see it depending on the implementation
It should first generate the classes in the game and only then the scroll should activate, not actually affecting spawn rates.

scrolls being as a pay item is to balance the books on the account for the game being free or a lot cheaper than it is currently, for devs to keep working on the game they still need a income, yes its a game but its still a business, tol version of scrolls could be free and paid to acquire them, like daily challenges or things to do.
so allowing the game to be free or cheaper there has to be implementation on income for devs to continue working on it.

they already have an income and afaik it is sustaining the game

Sustaining is not improving. The game needs to improve.

yes but why is the problem the budget.

He’s trying to argue the problem with playerbase is the fact that the game isn’t free to play. Honestly I think the problem is the opposite. I mean maybe occasional free weekends or something could be a good idea. But to be blunt, free to play crowds are just unsustainable. They bring in messes, bots, cheaters, language etc… Bottom line is in f2p, for every 1 purchase, there will be a NECESSARY 50+ moderator actions (bans, suspensions etc…). How many of those will ruin or scare off legitimate customers (due to the quantity of games ruined by the problem players before they were banned, that’s assuming the bans actually accomplish anything and aren’t just auto evaded in 10 seconds).