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Game cant start


What happened: Every time i start my game i get a error message saying that it crashed because of an error within a certain file

What was SUPPOSED to happen:
The game should start and be playable

Steps to reproduce this issue:

  1. Start game


Please follow these instructions and send a link to the file(s) here:


C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Throne of Lies\2018-09-16_220410


That’s the path of the folder on your computer – I need you to upload that folder on for example Google Drive or MEGA and put a link to it here so that we can see what the files include.

To upload a folder you can put it into a zip file (you can create such a file using for example 7zip or WinRAR) and then upload the resulting archive.


Rather, we need what’s inside ;D alternately, you may be able to drop it directly in Discord if you are here:

OR You can do rob’s steps too.

OR you can go to and paste everything there, setting privacy as unlisted so only those with the link can see it


Like This?


Hmm, the first thing I noticed is that you don’t seem meet the minimum GPU (video card) requirements:


You’re getting a bunch of DirectX 11 errors – It’s very possible your graphics card does not support DX11.

You have a Intel Q45/Q43 Express Chipset – you may want to Google this for updated drivers (and to see if it supports DirectX11).

Did you try launching with Vulkan, instead?


It MAY work – but even if it does work, that video card is pretty old mate. I’m not sure how well it’d run~

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