G! Turbo - Smash and The Fool Win!

G! Turbo is back.

G! Turbo! - Wazza Edition

Due to not enough classes yet.

Average Rules.

  • Game starts when I feel like it.
  • Days are 15 minutes. Twilight is 2 minutes. Nights are 5 minutes, unless I’m a failure and extend it.
  • Early day actions will be processed during the day, late day actions will be processed during Twilight, due to me being a failure once more.
  • There can be more than one King, but only a King election will take place once there are no Kings remaining.
  • I’m on PC, so don’t have mercy, feel free to make me want to die.
  • The amount of players are infinite but there must be at least 7 players.
  1. Maxwell
  2. PKR
  3. Sulit
  4. Jgoes
  5. Hja
  6. Eevee
  7. BlueStorm


There is no line for classes until the game begins.


you forced me to do this.


What’s G! Turbo?

Excellent Question!
(please end me)

G! Turbo is a turbo that uses classes on the Grand Idea List in a Turbo!

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Sounds chaotic.


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Then join

owo /in

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Wow this is the most players I’ve gotten in 3 months for a GI Turbo!



dad join please.

Idk any of the classes though.

theres a thread with all of them on it

Yeah, but aren’t there like over 1500?


you can roll any of them

Literally nobody knows the classes.

Not even me.

I know like 20 of the classes.

That’s the whole point of the game.

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also some of them are completly broken but thats the point


oh by the way I’m forcing you in.