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G! Turbo - Game Over - The Cult, The Cowardly King and The Fool win!


it’s like the Dark Age of Upick all over again


To spread true evil


I’m a Wazza alt, so move on ^^


attention all fellow sleeper Wazza alts

the time has come to rise up, and do epic plays such as bootlegging other people’s reads
rise up, fellow Azzas. The revolution is coming.


I will sue you


At that moment It was auch something


Yes, something that doesn’t belong on this forum. :eyes:


I have him on discord? Also no I was on a VC with him and I sent that as I sent to Solic.


This is him btw. He wanted to join when I laughed at a role that I had to re-roll.


okay good



We know ur lying tell us now or we will be forced to eggsecute.


come at me.


@WazzaAzza please tag me in these things next time i would have joined ):


Sir yes sir.