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G! Turbo - Game Over - The Cult, The Cowardly King and The Fool win!




It’s not rude to ask for it just to make sure right :thinking:




It was more inappropriate before actually. :roll_eyes:


okay so it was a joke





Then I still want to see conversations just to make sure


I mean it’s not too much to ask if you are telling the truth


“You have nothing to worry about if you have nothing to hide, right?”


I’m not being unreasonable here right?


There is no story here, I investigated it, let it be please.


You don’t even know their discord name


Except I do, except that’s privacy sensitive information. :roll_eyes:


so u r 100% sure they are innocent without a doubt and you know they talked with each other about this game


Yes, that’s why you can just drop it.


Waz paid solic to not give him up


mkay I’ll trust you :eyes:


okay who wants a taco


I have evidence of something similair happening. Except it wasnt a payment it was blackmail as Waz discovered Solic and Alice were the same person and threatened to blow the whole scandal wide open.

I’ll be covering this and more in my upcoming exposé: alt-gate.

Stay tuned.


more importantly, why are we still hosting these god damn things