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G! Turbo - Game Over - The Cult, The Cowardly King and The Fool win!


…That’s not strictly true


The vote on the revealed IC was on purpose heh


I grand trialed the fool…
Also what do you want,i needed BD to not kill me


Win without BD lynch


Funny thing,i was tempted to become fool King for the memes


Imma just say, when you know who the CL is, using Burglary cult alt as the Thief is mad


I must admit, both of my class options sucked, but I thought Fool was more fun to play around with


I think people should know

If there’s a way to break a game, I’m gonna find it


D1, it was either me or Solic. Still worth it


Thank god I was occ immune


Wazza, who was who?


I was tempted to reveal before the King vote
BUT ALAS you cannot :frowning:


What was the other option?


The Cursed (Aka, the class that has a passive of dying D2)


I only know I was neut amnesiac





I chose “put numbers on your classes” and still was coverted by cl


Is that why I got a message that a use of Hide was removed?


no? once I chose that class I was converted so I didn’t do nothing


Alright @WazzaAzza
Why did I lose a use of Hide?